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'The Turkish War of Independence is chronicled at the War of Independence Museum (Kurtuluş Savaş Müzesi), which is located in the first Turkish Grand National Assembly building in Ankara's Ulus neighborhood.

After undergoing recent renovations, the structure is still accessible to the public as the Independence War Museum, with many of its chambers still open for viewing.

How to explore TBMM Kurtulus Savasi Muzesi?

  • Corridor: Oil paintings that portray the activities of the assembly during its first and second sessions, as well as the events of the years 1918 to 1923, may be seen in the main hallway.
  • Masjid (prayer room): The masjid was utilized by the assembly as a place of worship, complete with prayer carpets and a visible Koran.
  • Room for the assembly's President: Mustafa Kemal has been retained in both look and arrangement from the beginning. It is said that the presidential seal, which is on display in this space, is the most significant and outstanding item in the museum's collection. 
  • Council of the king's chambers: The presidential boardrooms and cabinet meeting chambers are also maintained. Photos of Turkey's first government members following the Republic's proclamation are displayed near the President's pulpit, the cabinet table, and the seats they sat at during the Sivas Congress.
  • Meeting room: A display of records, images, and artifacts from the Amasya Circular, the Sivas and Erzurum Congresses, the Armistice of Mudros, Mustafa Kemal's arrival in Samsun, and the Misak-Mill can be found in the committee room. Additionally, there is a representation of the Erzurum Congress seal.
  • Lobby (break room): The Meeting Documents, images, and artifacts related to the First and Second Battles of nönü, the Sèvres and Lausanne Agreements, and the inauguration of the assembly are on display in the lobby. A silver cutlery set was given to Kâzm Karabekir during the Treaty of Alexandropol ceremony, weaponry used during the Independence War, and an oil picture depicting Mustafa Kemal's arrival in Ankara are also included.
  • Parliamentary committee room: An oil painting of Mustafa Kemal on the assembly building's balcony, Independence War medals, and a rug representing the National Pact is among the items on exhibit in the parliamentary committee room. There are also displays of papers, images, and relics related to the Great Offensive.
  • Assembly hall: The following items have been used to maintain the assembly hall's original appearance and layout: mezzanines on the right and left for the diplomatic corps and the audience, benches from the Ankara Teachers' Schools in the pulpit, side rows for the representatives. There is a space underneath for the press and photographers where the President's and chair council's podium is placed in the middle.
  • Room for administration: Identity cards, Mauser rifles, and other personal items that belonged to Atatürk, Assembly members, or commanders of the Turkish Grand National Assembly given during the Independence War may be found in the administrative chambers. A flag with Recep Peker's signature flown above the Grand National Assembly on April 23, 1920, is also on display in this room.
  • Basement: Currently, temporary exhibits, storage, and the museum's photography lab are all housed in the basement.'
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Address of TBMM Kurtulus Savasi Muzesi

Fevzi Pasa Mah. Cumhuriyet Bulv. No: 1 Altindag, Ankara 06050 Turkey

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