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Altınköy Open Air Museum is located on a 500-decare land. A museum is a great place for those curious about village life. It is a museum for people who are tired of city life or have never seen village life. The museum's aim, which Altındağ Municipality recently built, is to introduce the old village architecture and life to generations. Therefore, in the museum area, there is everything that reflects the village architecture and life from the 1950s.

Altınköy Open Air Museum has become a place for both visiting and education. It is among the must-see places in Ankara. Frequent student visits are made to the open-air museum, which reflects the past and a natural life quite well. Thus, children are endowed with natural life. 

This museum allows you to move much more freely with a different atmosphere than official museums. When you stroll in the village, you may not leave an untouched place within an hour. Parking is also available for those who want to come to the open-air museum by car.

How to explore the Altınköy Open Air Museum? 

  • Village coffee houses, headman's office, stables, goats, sheep, miniatures, school, grocery store, houses and streets, cafe, barns, and areas with animals are some of the best features of this museum you should not miss. 
  • Animals such as cats, dogs, birds, lambs, sheep, and horses are kept there for children to interact with. 
  • There was a garden culture in the villages in the yesteryears. This has been depicted in the most natural form in this museum. It is just one way for you to bask in the cultures of 1950.
  • Roam freely among the animals and gardens to live imaginative lives in the village. 
  • You can even have a tea and coffee break at the village coffee house.
  • A vintage suspension bridge depicts the true beauty of village life. Take a stroll over the vintage bridge and feel the fresh cool air. 
  • After a busy walk, you can choose the restaurants near the museum to take a lunch break. In addition, those who want to take a small tea break can use the village coffee. 
  • The village mosque is open to those who want to pray.
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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Altınköy Open Air Museum

Besikkaya Mahallesi, 2044. Sokak Altindag, Ankara Turkey

Opening & Closing time of Altınköy Open Air Museum

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