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Eymir Lake is located approximately 20 kilometers from Ankara's city center. The lake was named after a Turkmen clan called Eymür, according to Seyyah Kandemir's papers released by the governorate of Ankara in 1932. 

The lake's shape is roughly similar to the letter S. Eymir Lake is a nature lover's paradise. This magnificent site draws those who wish to escape city life's traffic, noise, anxiety, and bustle by providing a tranquil and calm natural atmosphere. 

The lake is available to the public and has two entrances to the east and west. To reduce pollution and the risk of traffic accidents, only cars with special authorization are permitted to enter the lake region. On the other hand, the parking lots at both entrances are free to use. 

How to explore Eymir Lake?

  • This lake is part of a 10-kilometer-long natural park. It is suitable for a variety of sporting activities, such as jogging and walking around the perimeter. Those who want to go further into nature can take advantage of the different walking trails that lead into the woodland. 
  • Cycling along the calm alleys is an option, and bikes may be rented at the park's entrance. 
  • Families frequent the several picnic sites along this tranquil lake for a calm meal. 
  • There is also a historic structure near the lake that has been converted into a restaurant that hosts bonfires in the winter and tables for lakefront dining in the summer.
  • The lake is encircled by pine trees, providing you with a natural respite from the hustle and bustle of the huge metropolis.
  • The lake houses an exotic variety of fishes. So plan a fishing trip with friends to this lake along with your fishing gear. 
  • Ducks roam freely in the lake and around the lake. Take your kids along to feed them. 
  •  Mountains around the lake can give mesmerizing views of the forest. Plan a hiking trip with friends to these mountains.
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Address of Eymir Lake

Eymir Golu, Ankara Turkey

Opening & Closing time of Eymir Lake

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