Ankara Castle

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The Ankara Castle has been around for a while through the Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman Empires, making it one of the oldest attractions in the Turkish capital. This landmark's origins have attracted tourists and locals with its vantage point above the city below. 

The castle saw numerous renovations during the Roman, Byzantine, and Seljuk centuries; however, these periods are most commonly connected with the building's history. There were countless attacks, and the fortress was constantly being repaired and renovated as a result. You can see influences from many different periods throughout the castle's architecture. The entire summit is taken up by the castle, which looks over the city, and the historic houses with red-tiled roofs in old Ankara. 

How to explore Ankara castle? 

  • As an added layer of defense, there is a wall on the city's exterior, which is replete with 20 towers. 
  • The fort's wall rises to a height of 14-16 meters (50-52.5 feet) and features 42 towers. It occupies a total area of about 43 square kilometers (16.7 square miles). 
  • Located in the southeast, Akkale or Alitaş is the highest point of the fortress. This point offers skyline views of the city. 
  • The northern section of the castle exhibits inscriptions from the Seljuk Empire, while the southern gate features an epitaph from the Ilkhanate Empire (the southwestern sector of the Mongol Empire). 
  • Some of the castle's south-facing sections still feature marble blocks and pillar heads that were salvaged from the ruins of Roman buildings during invasions in the 8th and 9th centuries. 
  • The traditional Ankara homes within the castle's outer wall are equally stunning, with their wooden floors, mud brick walls, and tile roofs.
  • As the sun sets over Turkey's magnificent capital, the view from the castle of the city's old and new districts is quite breathtaking.
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Address of Ankara Castle

Kale Mh., Ankara 06240 Turkey

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