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The Hamamonu Restored Neighborhood, as the name implies, is a well-restored, well-maintained, and peaceful area in Ankara. This old Ankara neighborhood has retained its uniqueness, and several areas continue to enchant visitors with their historic features. The main attractions are the Ankara citadel and the Hamamönü area. 

In 2011, Hamamönü was named an EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence) attraction, and it quickly became one of Ankara's most popular destinations for both domestic and international visitors. Despite its central location in Ankara, it has been insulated from the congested and noisy life of a huge city, and it fascinates visitors with its tranquil charm of older times. 

This area is best visited during Ramadan, when fasting month festivities, and a variety of events are organized every evening. 

Hamamönü depicts the structure of the Republic neighborhood's late Ottoman era and early times. The dwellings incorporate Ottoman civic architectural aspects. 

How to explore the Hamamonu Restored Area? 

  • With wonderfully designed buildings and bustling stores, this amazing site encourages you to take a stroll through its lanes and get a glimpse of Ankara's tradition and way of life.
  • The Hamamonu Restored Area is also well known for serving real Turkish cuisine. 
  • Other tourist sights to visit are the Karacabey Hamam (a bathhouse built by Karaca Bey in the 15th century), the Taceddin Sultan Mosque, and the Hac Musa Mosque. 
  • Mehmet Akif Ersoy, a notable poet of the time, lived in this area and authored the lyrics of Türkiye's national hymn, Independence March. His residence was close to the Karacabey Hamam and was renovated into a cultural center open to the public. 
  • Along Sanat Soka (Arts Street), you can observe the beauty of traditional arts created by artists and purchase their masterpieces as keepsakes. 
  • Locally manufactured objects on exhibit at the handicrafts fair are also for sale. 
  • Throughout the year, live music and audio-visual acts are accessible on weekends in Hamamönü. 
  • There are numerous restaurants, cafes, and patisseries where you can enjoy a cozy dinner in a welcoming environment. While specialty restaurants offer one-of-a-kind delicacies from traditional Turkish cuisine, many restaurants offer an international menu.
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Talatpasa Bulvari, Ankara Turkey

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