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In Ankara's Ulus neighborhood sits the Haci Bayram Mosque. The mosque was originally constructed in 831 H (1427/28), although given its current configuration, it appears to have been erected in the late 17th or early 18th century.

The portions in the north and west are later renovations and have a rectangular layout. According to two inscriptions on the south wall, the mosque was renovated in 1714. The General Directorate of Foundations completed further restoration work in 1940 and 1947.

How to explore Haci Bayram Mosque?

  • Two 'şerefe' (English: minaret balcony) minarets with a square design, cylindrical brick walls, and a stone foundation can be seen at the southeast wall of the tomb.
  • The ceiling of the major internal area is made of wood. The large hexagonal rosette in the center of the ceiling is framed with six rows of flowered borders. The same rosette on a smaller scale can be seen on the central rectangular panel of the section's ceiling, which was added in the later-period west to the women's section.
  • The ceiling's edges in the interiors of the mosque are decorated with flower-patterned cornices. The same type of cornices is also used in the section allotted to women. These cornices are a sight to admire. 
  • The mosque's bottom windows are rectangular. They are surrounded on the outside by niches that have angular arches. Upper windows contain pointed arches, plaster gratings, stained glass, and carved plant symbols around the perimeter.
  • Up to the height of the windows, Kütahya tiles are installed inside. After the tiles, a carved palmette border marks the change from a tiled wall to a plain wall. The Mihrab is shaped like stalactites and was constructed using a molding process. 
  • On the Mihrab's pediment, passages from the Koran are written in five rows. If you are an ardent follower of Islam, you will love this section. 
  • God's word is shown as ornamentation around the margins of the Mihrab. Colored Mimbar is a work of art that uses the fake 'kündekari' method.
  • Nakkaş Mustafa, an engraver, created the painted engravings on the wood. It is a rare piece of art!
  • The mosque's mihrab wall is next to the 1429-dated Haci Bayram Tomb. On the interior of this tomb, there is an entry door arch ornamented with interlocking colored stones in a zigzag pattern. It features a lobed arch embellished with black and white marbles in a rectangular frame. Walk through this arch to observe the beauty in art. 
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Address of Haci Bayram Mosque

HacI Bayram Mahallesi, Ankara 06920 Turkey

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