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The Atatürk Mausoleum, known as Antkabir, is one of the most renowned instances of contemporary architecture, perched high on a hilltop in Ankara. It was created by renowned Turkish architect Emil Onat between 1944 and 1953. The first president and creator of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, is buried in this mausoleum. 

The area where Antkabir now stands was formerly the center of Ankara, from where all the directions of the whole city can be viewed. Antkabir was constructed over nine years in four parts. There are ten symmetrically positioned towers in all on the Antkabir site. 

How may Anitkabir be explored?

  • The Independence Tower 

You must cross a driveway and a park to get to Independence tower. The craft of youngsters made to stand next to the entrance of the Independence tower represents the Turkish people, guardians, and army. On the other side, the Eagle Coat of Arms, which dates back to the Seljuk dynasty, symbolizes Turkish power and has Atatürk's words written year by year. 

  • The Freedom Tower

On the left of Independence Tower is the Freedom Tower, and when you enter, you'll see a relief of a horse, which stands for freedom. The 'Freedom Declaration,' which bears Atatürk's words, is held in the hands of a female angel. The figure holding the book represents Turkey's youth, the figure wearing a helmet represents the country's troops, and the third monument, which sits directly in front of the Freedom Tower, depicts Turkey's farmers. Three statues of ladies dressed similarly stand opposite the three statues of males. Together, these women have reportedly shown grief over Atatürk's passing. You can locate Lion's Road, which has twenty-four statues of lions representing power, strength, and protection, inside the Freedom Tower. 

  • Defense of Right Tower

An open, spacious meeting area and the Defense of Rights tower can be found on the opposite sides of the location where Lion's Alley terminates. There is a wall relief of a young man leaning on a sword and reaching out his hand on this tower, which was built in recognition of the societies that Atatürk united. This hand motion represents opposition to foreign occupation, and the stance represents stopping the enemy. 

  • The Mehmetcik Tower (Turkish Soldier) 

The MEHMETCIK (Turkish Soldier) TOWER, just across the Defense of Rights Tower, features a soldier leaving his home to head to the front lines of battle. Many of Atatürk's quotations about the nation's ladies and soldiers are etched here as well. 

  • The Victory Tower

A caisson bearing Atatürk's coffin from the Palace of Dolmabahçe in Istanbul can be found in the Victory Tower area. 

  • The Peace Tower

The Peace Tower is located at the end of the porch. It is a relief depicting Turkish military troops with their swords drawn to defend everyone. On the wall, there are various quotes from Atatürk that relate to peace. 

  • The 23 April Tower

The Grand National Assembly was opened on April 23, 1920, and this day has been designated as a national holiday in Turkey. The relief work on the tower honors this momentous occasion. You will discover a woman standing with a key in one hand and a piece of paper bearing the date of the Grand National Assembly's opening as a sign of its beginning. 

  • Misaki Milli Tower (The National Pact) 

The MISAKI MILLI (The National Pact) tower is located at the entrance to the Museum, and the relief inside it represents a responsibility to unite as a nation. On the hilt of the sword, there is a relief depicting four hands joining; this composition represents the nation's promise to preserve Turkey.

  • Reforms Tower 

This tower is one of the Museum's additions, which has all of Atatürk's clothing on exhibit. A relief that can be seen inside the tower's wall depicts a weak hand holding a lamp that is about to go out, symbolizing the demise of the Ottoman Empire, and a strong hand elevating the radiant light, signifying Atatürk's elevation of Turkey to become a modern civilization.

  • The Republic's Tower 

Aphorisms of Atatürk regarding the Turkish Republic are written in an artistic way on the wall of the tower. This Tower of the Republic offers entry into a gallery of art where these walls are present.

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Address of Anitkabir

Yücetepe, Akdeniz Cd. No:31, 06570 Çankaya/Ankara, Türkiye

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