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In the Mount Güllük-Termessos National Park, 17 kilometers to the northwest of Antalya, sits Termessos, a highly well-preserved ancient city. It was constructed 1,050 meters above sea level, covering a vast area. It is one of Turkey's most well-preserved old towns. A must-see historical site in Turkey is this one, which is both impressive and significant.

Best Things to do at Termessos: 

The Güllük Mountain, also known as Termessos National Park, is home to the city of Termessos and is abundant in botanical growth. There are several endangered creatures living there. A tiny museum that features indigenous plants and animals may be found close to the National Park's entrance.

Amid the natural vegetation and pine forests, Termessos is a hidden gem. Away from the busy tourist regions, you will find tranquil nature greeting you as you explore. Termessos has a far more stunning ambiance than many other ancient cities, you'll also discover. The gymnasium, the city walls, the agora, the odeon, the cisterns, the theater, Hadrian's Triumphal Arch, and the heroon are among the structures now in ruins. The parking area is where you may locate the city's master plan.

  • Necropolis

The ancient city of Termessos is home to numerous temples and two sizable cemeteries (necropolis), each of which contains a sizable number of tombs and sarcophagi. There is a dedicated room in the Antalya Museum where the sarcophagi brought back from Termessos are displayed.

  • Tomb of Alcetas: 

One of Alexander the Great's generals, Alcetas, has a significant tomb in the top necropolis. When Alexander died, he expected to take over Termessos. Termessos' youth constructed a hero's tomb for him.

Two of Alexander the Great's commanders, Alcetas and Antigonos, got into a fight after his death. Antigonos prevailed over Alcetas. Alcetas was besieged once more as a result of the Termessos citizens' defense of the city. After all of this misunderstanding, Alcetas committed himself and gave Antigonos his dead body. The protectors of Alcetas erected this monument in his honor, on which he is pictured engaging in combat while mounted.

  • Theater: 

One of the most fascinating buildings on earth is this theater, which has a view of a cliff. The theater has 4,200 seats and exhibits Roman theater traits, yet it has a semi-circular shape from the Hellenistic era.

  • Odeon

Similar to other classical towns, the theater is situated around 100 meters from an odeon. This structure, which resembled a tiny theater, was constructed in the first century BC. All of its components are in good condition and exhibit top-notch cut stone workmanship.

  • Temple of Artemis: 

Aurelia Armasta and her husband constructed the temple and the worship statue inside of it. The history of the temple is believed to have started at the end of the second century AD based on its architectural style.

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Address of Termessos

On the Antalya Burdur Road, Antalya 07100 Turkey

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