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One of Turkey's beautiful coastal cities, Antalya is a popular travel destination thanks to its abundance of scenic sights. And the abundance of outstanding tourist attractions and charming locations in this city can astound and surprise you.

It has a pleasant and moderate Mediterranean environment, which helped to make this lovely tourist city of great nature. It is situated on the western shore of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in this city, the Antalya Zoo is one of these appealing locations. It draws a lot of visitors. You may have fun and get a close-up look at many creatures by going to the zoo. It will also give you some knowledge about various and uncommon animal species in particular.

Visiting Antalya Zoo:  

Many people are aware of Antalya's stunning beaches and islands. Though the vacation has more advantages than just taking a stroll along the beach and enjoying the lovely weather in the city! For people who love animals, want to see them up close, and want to learn more about them, going to this zoo in Antalya can be an exciting experience.

One of Turkey's best and most well-known zoos, this one can provide tourists with fun and memorable experiences with its many attractions. Keeping the animals in a secure and comfortable setting is one of the main advantages of starting a zoo like this.

On 330 hectares of land, the zoo first opened its doors in 1989, offering a clean, comfortable, and secure environment for many species of animals. Because there are so many man-made lakes here, the zoo offers a comfortable environment for the animals.

Animals to See: 

  • Since there are more than 800 species of animals at this zoo and it may be interesting for both adults and children to visit, it is a unique site to safeguard endangered animals due to its ecosystem, which is built to suit different sorts of animals.

  • This zoo houses a variety of creatures, including reptiles, amphibians, and wild animals, in a healthy habitat. As you go through this zoo, you will come across a variety of creatures, including flamingos, parrots, and ostriches as well as monkeys, tigers, elephants, camels, giraffes, zebras, buffalo, and lions.

  • This zoo is sometimes referred to as a tiny forest since, in addition to animals, a variety of plants and trees, including cypress and pines, can be found there. In addition to the favorable temperature, the Antalya Zoo has manmade lakes, which makes it a great spot to maintain species that depend on water, such as ducks, seagulls, crocodiles, and blue snakes.
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Address of Antalya Zoo

Kepez Picnic Area, Antalya Turkey

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