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A steep gorge filled with blue streams and waterfalls, Sapadere Canyon, Sapadere Kanyonu, or Sapadere Kanyon is a refuge in nature in the Turkish Riviera. It is about 400 meters high and 360 meters long, having been formed by erosion caused by water and ice ages ago. Fresh air blows through the canyon, which is also home to animals including butterflies and birds as well as the sounds of rushing water. Facilities that were once unknown to those outside of the area have just been constructed to welcome travelers from all around Turkey and the globe.

A natural hardwood trail that winds through the park occasionally leads to pools, which are especially welcome in the summer heat. You are surrounded by picturesque high peaks and the Torsos mountains as you move through. The most impressive waterfall in the canyon is near the end of the trail, and there is a location there where you can swim in the crystal-clear water. A trip to the adjacent Sapadere Village is also recommended.

  • Go Hiking: 

You will get to the canyon after a leisurely 30-minute trek through spectacular mountain scenery. You can navigate the picturesque valley easily thanks to well-maintained wooden trails. Along the trip, you can breathe in the clean air, gaze at the valley's many different animal species, and appreciate the natural ponds. Finally, you will reach the canyon, where Sapadere settlement is situated.

You will be welcomed by a stunning waterfall and ponds here. You can swim here if you're daring enough to plunge into the icy spring water. Additionally, some locations include ladders that make it simple to enter the pools. The most remote waterfall in the canyon has the most stunning pool.

  • The Village of Sapadere: 

You may get local delicacies, spices, fresh produce, and tropical fruits in the town of Sapadere. The village's springtime silkworm hatchlings and the old silk factory, both of which can be viewed, are interesting features as well. Many tourists visit the village's mosque as one of their destinations.

  • Nearby Attractions: 

It is advised to take a quick journey to Dwarf Cave, which is just a few kilometers above the valley. The best way to view this sight is to take a quick stroll through the cool stalactite cave.

The picturesque Dim Cayi National Park, one of Alanya's most popular attractions, is located roughly 1.5 hours away.

  • Eat at a Local Restaurant: 

At the canyon's entrance, surrounded by nature, there is a small eatery. It offers outdoor sitting and serves traditional Turkish cuisine. The most popular tables are those along the river. This is a nice spot to relax and unwind while savoring Turkish specialties and a lovely view of the river. In the background, you can hear the sound of the flowing water.

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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Sapadere Kanyonu

Sapadere, Antalya 07430 Turkey

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