Kurşunlu Waterfall

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The Kurşunlu Waterfall, located roughly 20 kilometers from the Antalya city center, contains more than just a waterfall. In 1991, the region was maintained as a natural park and made accessible to visitors. There are numerous species of plants and animals, as well as woodlands with walking trails, eateries, and playgrounds.

Winter and the beginning of spring are the finest seasons to view the falls. The waterfall becomes a trickle as summer arrives. Even so, you can take advantage of the canyon's milder temps to escape the heat of Antalya. There are more trails you can saunter down from the falls that circle back around to the front of the main park area if you like trekking and exploring.

Best Things to do:

From the park's entrance, the waterfall is a 2-kilometer, straightforward hike. Since the falls are in a canyon, you must descend a paved route with steps to reach them. An 18-meter waterfall called the Kurşunlu Waterfall empties into seven interconnected ponds.

The waterfall and the secret cave beyond the falls are the park's biggest draws, in the end. After viewing the falls, you have the option of continuing to explore and trek the path or returning to the park.

As you enter the canyon, you have a choice between two routes. The natural cave behind the falls can be entered the other way, giving you access to the front view of the falls. Visitors should follow the trail behind the Kurşunlu Waterfall, which has water rushing down in front of it. 

One can emerge from the shadows of the Kurşunlu Waterfall and look over the pond to the front of the falls. With the pond's crystal-clear water, trees that hang over it, and fish swimming around, the environment is incredibly picturesque. All of the paved, eminently walking pathways go to the ponds and down to the waterfalls.

Flora and Fauna:

An amazing scenery may be found at Kurşunlu Waterfall where unique rock formations meet rushing streams. Many different animals call it home.

The region is referred to as a plant tunnel because of how diverse the vegetation is there. The cluster pine, which is the most prevalent tree in the nature park, keeps the area cool. Laurel, mastic, carob, wild olive, bracken, willow, tamarisk, spruce, Kermes oak, blackberry, wild rose, thyme, wild mint, beech trees, fig, myrtle, oleander, and ivy are among the other plants that can be found here.

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