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The Antalya Museum is for people who have a passion for history. Greek gods and goddesses' time-tested marble sculptures, hand-carved sarcophagi, and stunning mosaics that have been collected through years to exhibit their beauty may all be seen. This location is ideal for spending time together while admiring Antalya's legacy.

Visit one of the numerous historic ruins close to the city center on your trip to Antalya. The little historical elements are barely visible among the rows of columns, massive amphitheaters, and aqueduct remnants, many of which are now undergoing active excavation and restoration.

Prehistoric remnants found in the neighboring Karain Cave, a vast collection of artworks from the ancient city of Perge, and items from a more recent age from St. Nicholas Church may all be found in the magnificent Antalya Museum, which can help fill some of the blanks.

You start by traveling through time, first seeing the old artifacts, then gradually making your way to the Emperor's Hall, which has a sizable number of ancient statues within reach. The exhibition's extensive collection of sarcophagi serves as a reminder of the extraordinary wealth and creative prowess of earlier ages.

The magnificent collection of coins discovered in adjacent Elmali as well as the icons and other tiny objects discovered during the excavations may be seen by climbing the steps. As you step outside into the museum's garden area, which is filled with numerous artifacts from antiquity, there is even more to see. Before returning through the main entrance's free parking area, you can access the store and café outside.

  • Emperors’ Hall:

Roman art's greatest works include the sculptures of the emperors, all of which were unearthed during excavations in the ancient city of Perga. Along with the emperor sculptures, this display also includes the Dancer Sculpture, which serves as the emblem of the Antalya Museum.

  • Sarcophagi Hall:

Sarcophagi, which were used in the Antique Age to bury influential and affluent people in general, are another example of artifacts that exhibit their appreciation of art. These sarcophagi are decorated with a few floral patterns as well as some extremely intricate figures. The ancient city of Perga is where the majority of the sarcophagi on display at the Sarcophagi Hall come from.

It should only take 1-2 hours to look at the many displays, and since the artifacts will enhance your trips to Perge, Aspendos, and Karain Cave, it could be worthwhile to visit the Antalya Museum first. Even for the elementary- and middle-aged kids, the museum was well-kept and altogether a very delightful visit.

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