This Is What Breakfast Looks Like In 15 Countries Around The World

By Monalisha Mallick

  ●   09 Jul 18

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The famous quote “Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper” conveys how important is the first meal of the day. People around the world eat comforting meals that has the traditions attached to it. This meal is mostly eaten with family and dear ones.

#1 – UAE

UAE Breakfast

Breakfast in the UAE usually has breads like raqaq, chebab, and khameer which is served with cheese, date syrup, and eggs.

#2 – UK

English Breakfast

Toast, bacon, sausages, eggs, grilled tomato, baked beans, and some black pudding is what British breakfast is all about. A cup of tea after the sumptuous breakfast is a must for every local.

#3 – Turkey

Turkish Breakfast

Known as “Kahvalti”, breakfast in Turkey has cheese, butter, fresh-baked white bread, grilled meat, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and honey. Not to miss the brewed black tea or coffee served in stylish Turkish glasses.

#4 – USA

USA Breakfast

Pancakes drenched with honey and bacon and blueberries are knocked down by cup of tea or coffee.

#5 – Egypt

Egyptian Breakfast

Foul Madamas is the favourite breakfast. Made from fava beans, chickpeas, garlic and lemon, this is complete wholesome meal to start the day. Few top the dish with olive oil, tahini sauce, cayenne, a hard boiled egg, or some diced green vegetables.

#6 – Morocco

Morocco Breakfast

Breads with some chutney, jam, cheese or butter rule the breakfast table in this Middle Eastern country. Morocco has delicious crumpet-style bread which they make in huge slabs and also have a semolina pancake bread known as Baghir.

#7 – India

Indian Breakfast

From round shaped steamed rice dishes known as Idlis to wheat pita like bread known as Parathas, India has extensive flavors in its breakfast too. Accompaniments like tomato chilli paste, sambar (veggies in dried, split pulses gravy), and potatoes based curries add the distinct taste to the simple breakfast.

#8 – Pakistan

Pakistani Breakfast

Much like India, the breakfast in Pakistan is heavy and wholesome. Stuffed Paratha with butter, chutney or some other spicy sauce and a cup of tea later is not only filling but satisfying too.

#9 – Indonesia

Indonesian Breakfast

The locals love rice and can eat the same for three times a day. Rice, chicken, veggies, and sauces of different kinds is common staple for morning meal.

#10 – Malaysia

Nasi Lemak Malaysia

Nasi Lemak is the favourite breakfast of Malaysia. It is a wholesome and healthy Malaysian rice delicacy, coconut milk, sambal, nuts, egg and chicken.

#11 – Ghana

Ghana Breakfast

The most popular breakfast in this African country is Waakye, a dish where rice is cooked in beans. Streets are filled with these

#12 – Japan

Japanese Tofu Breakfast

Think Tofu is a lavish food. But in Japan they have tofu for first meal of the day. Soaked in soya sauce, this is one delicious, and healthy meal.

#13 – Portugal

Portugal Breakfast

Delicious and simple, veggie or meat stuffed croissants and plenty of coffee looks delicious under the Portuguese sun.

#14 – Germany

Germany Breakfast

A good, traditional breakfast of Germany has bread or toast, and/or rolls, marmalade, honey, eggs, cold meats, such as ham and salami, cheeses, all washed down with strong flavorful cup of tea or coffee.

#15 – The Philippines

Philippines Breakfast

A typical Philippine first meal of the day is all about bread rolls and coffee. Tapsilog  – a dish made of rice with dried meat and a fried egg is also a top favourite.

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This Is What Breakfast Looks Like In 15 Countries Around The World