Gulhane Park

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Gülhane Park, which translates to 'House of Roses Park' in Turkish is the oldest and one of the biggest parks in Istanbul. The gardens were initially built in 1912, and today they serve as an urban park that takes great pride in its abundance of large trees, mostly oak and walnut, gorgeous flowers, including tulips in vibrant colors, and a few modest sculptures strewn around.

The Sultanahmet district's park is great to unwind in the great outdoors while taking in Istanbul's rich cultural legacy. Do not overlook this gorgeous park, encircled by some of Istanbul's most significant museums and landmarks.


Things to do at Gulhane Park:

  • History buffs will be curious to see what's within: Of course, these are the palace's gardens, so going to both will give you a thorough understanding of the history involved. 
  • Visit the Topkapi Palace, that served as the sultan's residence in the 15th century, to connect with the park's past. Explore the royal courtyards, take in the lavish Ottoman architecture, and peruse the rooms' assortment of jeweled and porcelain artifacts. 
  • The 'Column of the Goths,' the oldest sculpture and monument, was created in the third century CE. This is a must-see attraction at the park's easternmost edge if you can find it.
  • Visit the statuary memorial honoring Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Turkish Republic's founder and first president. 
  • Escape into nothingness: This parkland is the ideal getaway from Istanbul's busy streets because it has plane trees that are 100 years old and spacious green spaces. Walk over broad paths adjacent to water features and floral displays. While adults can take in the peace, kids will undoubtedly appreciate exploring this vast open area and having lots of freedom to run around. There is plenty of romance waiting for couples in Gulhane Park because of its romantic atmosphere. 
  • Unwind and retreat: Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the midst of park's lawns, or shop for various delectable snacks at neighboring kiosks. After a long day of sightseeing, the paths may even lead you to the Gulhane Park Tea Garden, where you may unwind with a cup of Turkish tea.
  • Bask in the beauty of Tulip Festival in full bloom: A significant Ottoman Empire icon, tulips are used to beautify the park during the Gulhane Park Tulip Festival. The park transforms into a vibrant fiesta of color during the festival, which typically lasts from March through April. Make sure you visit the famed 'Gulhane Park' sign, which is also located deep within the park. 
  • Food for thought at the museum nearby: The instructive displays of the Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam, located close to the park, will stimulate creative minds. Admire the creativity of the ancient Turks as you see tools like a rosewater distiller and a water-powered clock.
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Address of Gulhane Park

Alemdar Mah. Alemdar Cad. Eminonu/Cagaloglu, Fatih, Istanbul 34122 Turkey

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