‘Bahrain Brunch’ Calls All The Late Morning Yawners & The Bed Crawlers

By Tejaswi Vijinigiri

  ●   26 Jul 18

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Wanted to fill your food-craving stomach with mouth-watering food? Sure! You definitely deserve a place to serve your hunger with a huge brunch. Bahrain serves up some fantastic food and always been a home for stunning fuss-free restaurants. So say “Good Bye” to the boring-monotonous brunches, get yourself off the ‘lazy shoes’ and explore Bahrain brunches to find out what your heart desires to experience on a warmer-weather kickass day out. Time to brunch your way to happiness!

Top 5 Bahrain Brunches That Are Totally Worth Getting Out of Bed!

1. Saraya, Sofitel Thalassa Sea & Spa

Saraya’s brunch is an exquisite, flavorful buffet with a menu comprising food styles coming from all across the world. The chefs here got their hands best in serving the most delicious and authentic recipes of the Asian and Indian cuisines. Dine in peace, listening to great live music, overlooking the pool, sea and wowing ambiance. With an exceptional service of the dedicated waiters and waitresses Saraya stepped up to a pinnacle. You’ll never leave the place without saying “what a pleasant experience!”

Saraya, Sofitel Thalassa Sea & Spa

Must Try
  1. Culinary delights of the Seafood platters
  2. Yummy Moroccan Harira soup
  3. Freshly hand-tossed Pizza served with customized toppings.

2. Masso, The Palace Boutique Hotel

What are you craving? Tasting a bit of everything? Masso makes it possible by its most versatile buffet spread. Your brunch deserves accolades if you pick a dish made of seasonal fish served with fresh veggies, Italian Alba truffles and organic herbs. The chef’s culinary masterpieces are never constant and always take their path in a most impeccable direction. Masso with its most pleasant outdoors, serving the best of Italian cuisines on elevated palates is a very sophisticated choice for starting a great day.

Masso, The Palace Boutique Hotel

Just can’t say “NO” to 
  1. The halal selection – cold cuts served with marinated olives, homemade pickled chilies, roasted garlic & sourdough bread crostini.
  2. Artisanal cheese from all over Europe.
  3. Food cooked on ‘Bertha’ – fired up with only white wood-low smoke charcoals

3. Aroma Restaurant & Café

The restaurant features an irresistible collection of Lebanese, Khaleeji and Arabian cuisines. Get obsessed with the timely provided freshly crafted meals served with Arab-cooked meat and bread. In addition to the delicious food, the décor of the place is cozy, warm and slightly weighed towards the Middle Eastern style which makes the place quite a picturesque one. Pick Fridays or Saturdays to make your visit and experience never ending-long served buffet brunches.

Aroma Restaurant & Cafe

Best to Eat

  1. Skew grilled giant prawns, lightly seasoned with fragrant garlic and warming chilli.
  2. Arabian messa’aa fried and gently sautéed with veggies.
  3. Chicken kababs served with tahini sauce and parsley.

4. La Vinoteca Barcelona

Beverage connoisseurs and foodies who look for great local beverages and a plate of rich food originating from Spanish Kitchens find this place best suited for their taste. La Vinoteca’s menu is flexible and offers a diverse and a wide range of authentic Spanish mains, desserts and beverages to match up with guests’ likings. Do not forget to mark your calendar for Wednesdays to taste the traditional ‘Pinchos’. Savor on unique fishes and other seafood served with exquisite presentation and end your meal with tapas and preserves beverages.

La Vinoteca Barcelona

Most guests loved

  1. Prawns & potato stuffed scallops that melt in your mouth quite like tender-crisp cream.
  2. Chicken croquettes served with lemon wedges.
  3. Crema Catalana and chocolate churros that sweetens your taste buds.

5. La Med, Ritz Carlton

For those whose budgets dwell on the expensive sides of the spectrum, La Med could be a smart pick. La Med welcomes its guests with an extravagant and sumptuous brunch menu. Head to the elegant terrace by the pool and start the culinary journey under natural sunshine with views of the turquoise blue waters of the Gulf. Lay back in a relaxed atmosphere, listen to the classy music and enjoy an assortment of tender meats, slightly steamed & roasted veggies, sushi filled with seafood and barbequed dishes to give your brunch experience a great swing.

La Med, Ritz Carlton

Chef’s recommendations

  1. Lentils – a hot soup prepared with celery, carrots and onions
  2. Lebanese Mezzeh served with a basket of Lebanese bread.
  3. Assorted Arabic Sweets Platter

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‘Bahrain Brunch’ Calls All The Late Morning Yawners & The Bed Crawlers