What’s Your Adventure Quotient? Get a Reality Check in Lebanon

By Rohini Gulipilli

  ●   22 Feb 22



Adrenaline junkies, this post is for you. Does adventure excite you? Have you ever been on a thrilling and exciting adventure in the jungle, with a mix of fun, daring, and learning? Think you have tried everything adventurous out there in the world. If yes, then your adventure trips list is incomplete without a visit to Lebanon. The destination is known for spine-chilling, breath-taking, adrenaline-rushing, and loads of fun activities.

Presenting the must try activities in Lebanon.


Paragliding in Lebanon

The best view of Lebanon is an aerial one. As you soar above the lush green mountains and the breathtaking blue sea, look down from the sky and feel the beautiful landscape unfolding beneath you. But, make sure you float back to reality before landing on the ground.

What to pack:  Protective Gear, Comfortable athletic shoes, A Hook Knife, Water Bottle, and Sun Screen.



This one is fun for groups who holiday together. Take your friends and head to any one of the numerous paintball venues scattered throughout Lebanon. But make sure not to take it personally if your best buddy accidentally shoots you in the head. LOL!

What to pack:  Comfortable athletic shoes, Flexible and padded glove, Goggles (available for rent at paintball fields), Hat or beanie Gloves.

Cliff Diving

Cliff Diving

Several locations throughout the country offer excellent places for cliff diving, but caution is highly advised and recommended.  If you are afraid to dive in your first attempt, a simple jump – then just close your eyes. That’s it; it is definitely enough to get the blood pulsing harder.

What to pack:  A safety jacket and helmet and sheer guts too.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting

Gather your best buddies yet again! Because with great teamwork and a little bit of intelligence, you will be able to survive the rough waters and sometimes make it out with some stunning pictures to add to the fun memory.

What to pack:  A life jacket, or personal flotation device (PFD), protective gear, and good shoes.

Fly Boarding

Make sure to get involved with the latest trendy water sport and shoot yourself over 10 meters into the air on a fly board. Enjoy floating over the waves and later relish in the amazing videos that are sure to make your friends jealous.

What to pack:  H20-charged weapon, Goggles, and waterproof jacket.

Wake Boarding and Water Skiing

Lebanon Water Sports

It’s all about enjoying the Mediterranean in the summer. It’s more exciting to head out into the open water and challenge your balancing skills while speeding behind the boat.

Tip: Don’t try flips in the starting rather hang in there, and try later with some practice.

What to pack:  Water jet boots, jet pack, H20-charged weapon, Goggles

Rock Climbing

Lebanon Rock Climbing

Whether you’re an experienced climber or just want to get into the sport, you can find your level in Lebanon. From indoor climbing walls for practice to great outdoor climbs, you’ll be climbing on the best of them in no time.

What to pack:  Helmet, rock shoes, belay, hiking socks, warm hat and evening wear.

Well, for all those who have ever desired to escape into an adventurous world, this is the perfect escapade. Roll up your sleeves, put on adventure boots and make your way to amazing Lebanon!

Rohini Gulipilli

For there's no greater love than the love for wandering – Rohini swears by this and follow this by heart. Her articles portrays the way she is – clear and confident.

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What’s Your Adventure Quotient? Get a Reality Check in Lebanon