The World of Sandwiches – Take a Bite, One at a Time

By Rohini Gulipilli

  ●   01 Aug 18


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One of the amazing things that happened to human race is bread, and one of the amazing things that happened to bread is sandwich! Isn’t it? Sandwich is a versatile food and one thing that is common for sandwiches is the bread. But, the fillings they have a different story all together. The fillings may vary from deep-fried potatoes to slices of meat with lots of sauces oozing out of them. Let’s take a tour of sandwich world and get hungry.

10 Best Sandwiches from Around the World 

Choripán, Argentina

ChoripanSpice up your life with the Argentina’s super hit food on its streets, Choripán. It consists of rusty roll with split chorizo sausage and laced with herbs, vinegar, olive oil, and garlic.  Add few drizzles of chimichurri sauce which enhances the taste of Choripán.

Bánh mì, Vietnam

Banh miOriginated from Vietnam, Bánh mì can be found across the world. The sandwich looks like French baguette but stuffed with several ingredients picked carrots, cucumber, peppers, chicken meat slices, cilantro, and daikon.

Roti John, Malaysia

Roti JohnRoti John is an omelette sandwich. People in Malaysia use ingredients like fried egg, fish or meat, hot sauce, onions, ketchup and mayonnaise. Your street food experience in Malaysia will be incomplete without tasting this flavoursome baguette-like sandwich.

Cemita, Mexico


Originated in the Mexican city of Puebla, Cemita is a sesame seed covered roll. This egg-based bread is filled with the layers of sliced avocado, onions, pápalo, chunky pieced meat, white cheese, and salsa roja.

Doner Kebab, Turkey

Doner KebabOriginally invented in the 19th century, Doner Kebab is prepared with meat on a vertical rotisserie. Then the outer layers of meat are sliced into thin shavings with an electric razor. Along with these slices, fresh vegetables, and a variety of sauces are stuffed into a lavash flatbread and the whole arrangement is grilled. Tasting the Turkish doner really fills you up and leaves you with finger licking after taste.

Kaya Toast, Singapore

Kaya ToastConsidered as national breakfast dish, Kaya toast is prepared with coconut jam and uses topping of coconut milk, sugar, eggs, pandan, and margarine or butter. Kaya can also be served on crackers.  Singaporeans and Malaysians love to consume this toast with a cup of coffee or tea, soft-boiled eggs with soy sauce and white pepper.

Gatsby, South Africa

GatsbyPopularly known as a “filling, budget meal”, Gatsby is a foot-long sandwich that sliced into four pieces. The filling of the sandwich may vary with the choice of customers, and French fries or slap chips is the common filling. Different varieties of Gatsbys are prepared using meat ingredients like chargrilled steak, polony, calamari, masala steak, chicken, Vienna sausage, Russian sausage and eggs.

Mitraillette, Belgium

MitrailletteSnack-sized Mitraillette is a simple yet utterly delicious Belgian sandwich. Originated in Brussels, Mitraillette is popular among students. A typical Mitraillette consists of a demi-baguette, fries, any of sauces like bearnaise sauce, ketchup, sauce andalouse, mayonnaise, garlic sauce, and fried meat like sausage, burger, and steak.

Francesinha, Portugal

FrancesinhaFrancesinha is a decadent dish and you’ll go nuts for this Portuguese favorite if you love meat. Originally from Porto, Francesinha is prepared with bread, linguiça, sausages (like chipolata, roast meat or steak) and layered with melted cheese, beer sauce, thick tomato, and served with hot chips or French fries.

Tripleta, Puerto Rico

TripletaTripleta is a popular street food in Puerto Rico. It combines chicken, and beef. It’s a simple recipe and it looks can make you drool over. Spread the ketchup and mayonnaise on the bread, next add cheese, and later stack the chicken or beef. If you want you can add fried plantain and finish filling with the lettuce and tomato. Heat the whole until the bread toasted well.

What’s your sandwich saga?

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The World of Sandwiches – Take a Bite, One at a Time