Not Only Exquisite Nature, European Food Is Picturesque Too. Here’s The Proof

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  ●   22 Feb 18


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Think of Europe, and there’s no doubt that rich culture, paved streets, historic architecture and that picture-perfect coastline will make an appearance in your mind. But European food (ah the food!) is sure to feature too.

While Europe is home to plenty of sophisticated and fine-dining options, the continent also boasts of incredible dishes to enjoy that are friendly on the wallet – if you know what to eat and where to look. Yes, each European country specializes in some of the most delicious cuisines; they are quite different, but tasty and special in many senses.

Treat yourself to delicious European food. Yummy and delicious cuisines are waiting for you; take a bite! Don’t miss out these 7 delicious dishes, if you’re a big foodie looking for hidden gems.

Here is what Europe has on its platter for you!

Wiener Schnitzel   – A Lip-smacking Cuisine on a Plate

Wiener Schnitzel

The name itself tells you of its authenticity – ‘Wien’ in ‘Wiener’ is German for Vienna, the country’s capital. Yum.

Where to find it: Austria

Ingredients: Veal, Breadcrumb Coating

Cost:  Approx. 1 USD (Per Plate)

How to eat? Always make sure to eat it when hot/warm.

Type of the dish: Main Course

How much calories you gain? 436 Cal per piece

Bacalhau – Authentic European Flavor with a Modern Twist


It is claimed that the Portuguese know a hundred different ways to prepare and serve Bacalhau, implying that you’ll never get bored with this one! Want to try them immediately?

Where to find it: Portugal

Ingredients: Salted Cod

Cost: Approx. 3 USD

How to eat? – Can eat hot or cold.

Type of the dish: Main course

How much calories you gain? 541 Calories

Sunday Roast – Gourmet Fare that’s Traditional & Healthy

Sunday Roast

If you ask any UK resident for a typical traditional dish, the answer will be Sunday roast. In the mid 19th to mid 20th century, Sunday was the only day of rest for factory workers. Hence, it was the perfect days to eat together as a family, and so the Sunday roast was popularized. Don’t leave Europe without trying Sunday Roast.

Where to find it: United Kingdom

Ingredients:  Beef, potato, Carrot, Yorkshire pudding

Cost: Approx. 2 USD

How to eat? – Have it when it’s hot.

Type of the dish: Main one-pot course

How much calories you gain? 697 Cal

Potica – A Sweet Winner


The name comes from the Slovenian word Poviti, meaning ‘to wrap in’. Although walnuts are the most popular filling, these also come in savory form with a tarragon filling. Potica, a classic Slovenia recipe, is the ultimate starter. Enjoy!

Where to find it: Slovenia

Ingredients: Eggs, flour, sugar, butter, and walnuts

Cost: Approx. 5 USD

How to eat? Eat it when it’s warm.

Type of the dish: Dessert

How much calories you gain? 214 Cal per 70.5g serving

Bryndzove – Taste Slovakian Delicacy


Enjoy this meal with the traditional accompaniment of sour milk or whey.  Can’t wait until you taste the land of fantastic food?

Where to find it: Slovakia

Ingredients: Potatoes, flour, cheese, and bacon

Cost: Approx. 6 USD

How to eat?  – Eat it Hot.

Type of the dish: Main course

How much calories you gain? 530 Cal per plate

Bigos – Healthy Polish Meal


This dish was traditionally served at the beginning of the hunting season but nowadays is enjoyed any time of the year.

Where to find it: Poland

Ingredients: Meat, Sauerkraut

Cost? 3 USD

How to eat?  – Eat it hot

Type of the dish: Main course

How much calories you gain? 334 Cal Per 1 cup service

Moussaka – Traditional Greek Cuisine


History states that Moussaka became a part of Modern Greek cuisine after Nicholas Tselementes, an influential Greek Chef, published a cookbook in the 1920s which included it.

Where to find it: Greece

Ingredients: Aubergine, Onions, Bechamel Sauce, and meat

Cost? 4 USD

How to eat? – Hot should be your preference.

Type of the dish: Main course

How much calories you gain? 329 Cal Per 8″ Square serving

                                                                 Europe on your plate. How did you like it?


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Not Only Exquisite Nature, European Food Is Picturesque Too. Here’s The Proof