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The Black Stone, also known as Kaaba or Hajar al-Awad, is positioned in the eastern corner of the House of God. Tawaf, the required Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages ritual begins and ends at this holy stone. Numerous individuals, including Prophet Muhammad and other well-known Prophets, the Sahabah, and millions of pilgrims and devout figures, have completed the holy trips of Hajj and Umrah throughout history, praying to Allah and receiving His blessings. A significant aspect of these spiritual trips involves paying homage to the Black Stone.

The Black Stone most likely originates from the Arabs' pre-Islamic faith. It currently consists of three sizable chunks with some fragments, is encircled by a stone ring, and is connected by a silver band. It was given to Adam when he left paradise, and according to Islamic mythology, it was initially white in color but turned black after absorbing the sins of the pilgrims who kissed and touched it.

Islam values the Black Stone as Allah's stone and accords it with great significance. Its creation and placement in the Holy Wall of Kaaba are the subjects of several stories.


When the Holy Kaaba was being rebuilt, a dispute broke out among the populace when it got close to where the Black Stone was. People argued over who was deserving enough to return the Black Stone to its original location.

The Quraysh, an Arab mercantilist tribe that resided in Makkah and owned the Kaaba, was asked to concur on the discernment of the first person to arrive through the Bani Shaybah Gate. This decision was made by Abu UmayyaIbn al-Mugheera, their elder. The Black Stone was returned to its original location by the Prophet as he passed through.

The stone was once entire, but due to the passage of time and other historical occurrences, it has been divided into eight pieces of varied sizes and is now fastened to a larger stone in a silver frame. Abdullah bin Zubair, a well-known member of the second generation of Muslim households in Makkah, created the original frame, which several Khalifas (rulers) over the years gradually replaced.

Paying Respects: 

Muslims from all over the world travel to Makkah to see the stone and, if they get the chance, to kiss it. The only remaining chunk of rock from the original Kaaba, constructed by Abraham and Ismail, is this Black Stone. It is the only stone that has endured all of the activities and alterations that occurred at the Kaaba.

The most revered stone in the entire globe is the centerpiece of the Kaaba. The Prophet Muhammad kissed and touched it, and Muslims want to do the same. Kissing it is a gesture of love, not of duty, and is something to be honored and proud of.

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