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Safa and Marwa are two minor historical hills in the divine city of Makkah that are connected to the larger mountains, Qaiqan and Abu Qubays. They are situated close to the holy Kaaba in Masjid al-Haram. These tiny hills, which are a part of the lengthy gallery that makes up Al-Masjid Al-Aram, are very significant to Islamic culture.

Seven round trips between Safa and Marwa must be made by pilgrims during the Umrah and Hajj. This important ceremony, known as Sa'I, honors the mother of the great prophet Ismail and her effort to fill the infant's thirst.

Things You Should Know:

According to Islamic legend, the recollections of Safa and Marwa are connected to Hajar, Ibrahim's wife, searching for water for their son Ismail. According to popular belief, God instructed Ibrahim to leave his wife Hajar and their infant son Ismail alone in the desert between these little hills when they arrived in Makkah with him. Hajar was first apprehensive about spending time alone in the desert, but after learning that it was God's will, she put her faith in Allah and consented to the arrangement.

They quickly ran out of food, and Hajar, who was still nursing Ismail, was unable to make any more milk. Ismail consequently began to feel thirsty. When his mother saw this, she frantically began looking for water nearby so that she could feed her child. In her haste to obtain water, she first scaled the nearest hill, Safa, to get a view of the area. She looked about when she didn't see anything to find someone or a water source before running toward Marwa.

Hajar, distraught and anxious when she couldn't discover anything, begged Allah to save her son. By Islamic legend, it was at this point that Allah heard her pleas and sent the rescuer Angel Jibril (Gabriel), who struck the ground with his wing and caused the water to appear. Hajar nursed her kid after consuming the holy water, saving his life. Around the water source, she also dug what is known as the ZamZam Well. The angel also assured Hajar that her son and her husband would eventually construct Allah's house there.

The Safa and Marwa tale vividly illustrates Hajar's dedication to her son under such trying conditions as well as her steadfast loyalty and faith in Allah. In remembrance of this incident, pilgrims performing the Hajj or Umrah run back and forth between Safa and Marwa to honor Hajar's devotion to her son and faith in Allah.

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