Jabal al-Nour

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Jabal Al Nour, commonly referred to as the 'Mountain of Light' or 'Mountain of Enlightenment,' is situated about 4 kilometers northeast of Masjid al-Haram. It is of great importance to Muslims and draws many visitors to Makkah each year, especially those who come to undertake the Umrah and Hajj.

The Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) received the first verses of the Holy Quran in the Hira cave at the top of this hill. Its width can only accommodate five persons, and its length is less than four meters. The Prophet once scaled the mountain and entered the cave to reflect. Muslims hold that during the month of Ramadan in 610 C.E., the angel Gabriel gave the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) his first revelation there.

The peculiar peak of Jabal Al Nour, which gives the appearance that two mountains are stacked on top of one another, is one physical feature that sets it apart from other nearby mountains and hills. There are stairs erected so that people can ascend the hill, although doing so can be challenging because it is very steep and takes approximately two hours to ascend. Nevertheless, you will see people of all ages making the ascent to the mountain to visit the cave and offer prayers there. Due to the cave's popularity, there is frequently a lengthy line of people waiting to enter, and you may have to wait for many hours.

Cave of Hira: 

For Muslims around the world, the Cave of Hira is very important because the Prophet Mohammad is thought to have meditated there and is reported to have received his first revelation of the Quran from Hazrat Jibreel there.

Although the Cave of Hira plays a significant role in the Prophetic Biography, it is not as revered as other city landmarks like the Al-Haram Mosque. As a result, many pilgrims do not view going to the cave as a significant aspect of their Hajj pilgrimage. Even yet, it is one of Makkah's most visited ziyarats, and most visitors do go to the sacred cave.

Inside the Cave: 

There is a tiny entryway for a pilgrim to use to enter Ghar e Hira. the cave that, despite its exterior appearance, is well lit inside. Lean persons can easily travel through the tunnel, but heavier folks may find it a little more challenging. Stones lining the way to the cave allow for adequate light entry.

You arrive at an open region from which Ghar e Hira may be seen clearly after passing through the constrained path. You can enter the cave and find the spot where Prophet Mohammed used to sit and meditate by moving a little ahead.

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Mecca 24238 Saudi Arabia

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