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The Makkah Royal Clock Tower, also known as the Abraj Al-Bait Tower, is another location that you simply must include on your list of things to do in Mecca. With a central tower that rises to a height of 1,972 feet, Abraj Al-Bait is one of the tallest structures in the world. Take in the multi-tower building complex that stands next to the Great Mosque and be in awe of its size.

Discover its seven buildings' approximately 16 million square feet of floor space, which includes hotels, shopping centers, and residential flats. You can choose to stay at one of the renowned complex's hotels or go shopping at one of its shopping centers. The 141-foot-diameter clock in the complex's central tower is its most noticeable architectural element.

Stay and Shopping:

  • In addition to being used as a hotel, the Makkah Royal Clock Hotel Tower and the entire complex also include a shopping center, homes, an Islamic museum, and a sizable amount of religious facilities like prayer rooms, so its placement makes sense.

  • The buildings, which have 858 rooms and are primarily used as hotels, are managed by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, a Canadian company that runs more than 60 iconic 5-star luxury hotels around the globe, including the Shanghai Peace Hotel and Fairmont San Francisco, both of which are situated in the heart of the respective cities.

  • The building's parking garage has 4 stories and can accommodate more than 1000 vehicles.

  • In addition to the park, there are two helipads on the tops of the Maqam and Qibla towers, two platform structures next to the Central Clock Tower.

  • The clock tower was initially constructed so that pilgrims could check the time on a marked clock. Through loudspeakers, the clock may transmit the prayer to the faithful; the sound of the messages can be heard seven kilometers distant.

Best Things to Do:

  • Abraj Al-Bait Tower, which is surrounded by Kaaba, one of Islam's holiest sites, is a breathtaking skyscraper that stands 1972 feet tall, making it the third tallest building in the world overall.

  • In the Central Clock Tower, there is an Islamic museum with a large collection of Islamic artifacts.

  • Enjoy a breathtaking view of the attractive city from the tower's public and private viewing deck, which is situated at a high height of 558 meters above the earth.

  • See the biggest towers in the world, each with four clock faces and 2 million LED lights.

  • Don't miss the opportunity to have prayer calls played in your ears from the minaret and its base's loudspeaker.
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