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El Retiro Park is probably the most popular park in Madrid, and both city residents and visitors use it. The location design features elements typical of European architecture, and the grounds are reminiscent of those found in several royal palaces. The park is known for its combination of natural beauty, public artwork, and ongoing events. People who come to the park typically spend only one to three hours there. During this time, they enjoy the beautifully tended gardens and open areas, interact with youngsters, and investigate the park's ancient structures.

One can also rent a rowboat to get to the Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace), which frequently hosts art exhibitions, or you may go to the Rosaleda (Rose Garden), which is home to more than 4,000 rose bushes, and pause to smell the roses there.

Things to do at El Retiro Park:

  • A lake in the garden beautifies the whole experience:

The most fascinating feature of the Parque del Retiro is an artificial lake in front of the Monument to Alfonso XII, where visitors can rent boats and row around the lake. Even though humans created the lake, the serene waters positioned in front of the gigantic columns and statues that make up the Alfonso XII monument are a sight to behold, particularly during the golden hours of the day. Visitors enjoy feeding the large grouper fish in the pond, and you can also see the ducks paddling past on the lake's still water.

  • Unwind close to nature:

During the week, it is common for residents of Madrid to walk or jog in the park first thing in the morning and again in the late afternoon. The park is typically filled with painters, musicians, and singers when the holidays roll around. The amusement park is on all days, beginning at 6 a.m. and closing at midnight. The Teatro de Titeres conducts puppet shows on most weekends, making it an ideal destination for families with young children.

  • Visit the Crystal Palace for astounding views and architecture: 

The Crystal Palace, considered one of the city's most recognizable structures, is constructed almost entirely out of glass. Step inside the structure to appreciate the art exhibits that are rotated according to the changing seasons and to witness the sunlight flooding in through the solid glass panes. From across the lake, take a picture of the castle that is just stunning as the lake; the trees and the sunshine will all be in perfect harmony. 

  • The bounty of flora, fauna, and birdlife is rather spellbinding to be found in the middle of a cosmopolitan: 

This location is tucked away on the edge of the park, making it rather challenging to locate; nevertheless. Peacocks are a unique and beautiful addition to these walled-off gardens. If you stick with the peacocks as they lead you through the labyrinth of shrubs, trees, and tiny ponds, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the peacocks as they descend from the lofty trees in the garden.

  • La Rosaleda, the circular rose garden in Retiro Park, offers an immersive experience: 

The garden is near the Jardines de Cecilio Rodrguez and contains more than 4,000 flowering flowers of various colors, shapes, and sizes. The lovely fountains and park seats round off the experience, giving the impression that you are in a fantasy. The archway trellises, draped in ivy and roses, help to create this feeling.

  • Stroll down the Paseo de la Argentina:

Commonly referred to as the Paseo de las Estatuas, walk through to get an idea of Spain's illustrious past in the realm of royalty (Statue Walk) as it is embellished with statues of Spanish kings and queens from the 18th century down its length. This location is ideal for taking a cultural excursion while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine of a stroll.

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Address of Parque del Retiro

Plaza Della Indipendecia 7, 28001 Madrid Spain

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