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Since the Mercado de San Miguel first opened its doors as a wholesale food market, more than 100 years have passed. The Mercado San Miguel is located inside a renovated iron and glass structure from the 20th century that is renowned for its distinctive architectural elements. It draws more than 10 million tourists annually and is located in the center of the neighborhood known as Madrid de Los Austrias (Hapsburg Madrid).

Things to do at Mercado San Miguel:

  • Know the kind of diner you are and plan accordingly:

Try going early in the morning when the merchants are just starting to open up for a calmer, more laid-back visit sans the throng. This is a fantastic, stress-free way to learn about a real Madrid icon while taking some fantastic pictures. Around mid-morning and just before lunchtime, more people arrive, but if you're craving a lively market environment, now is the time to go. And, of course, you can always go on a tapas crawl at the supper market or have a few drinks before going out. 

  • Say yes to happy hour with vermut:

It would help if you piqued your appetite before beginning to eat through the market. And there isn't a better way to achieve it than with vermouth, Spain's preferred aperitif! Excellent vermouth is available on tap at La Hora del Vermut, along with a wide variety of bottled vermouths from across Spain. You'll be on the way to an incredible tapas crawl if you also pick up some olives, pickled banderilla skewers, and Marcona almonds. 

  • This ancient structure enables tourists to taste and feel the essence of every region of Spain:

Discover all the highlights of Spanish cuisine in the Mercado de San Miguel, including the best Iberian ham, the freshest seafood and shellfish flown in daily from Galicia, Mediterranean rice dishes, and the most beautiful cheeses from Castile, Asturias, and the Basque Country. There are more than 20 stalls here, but they are all united by a dedication to serving high-quality tapas and pub food. 

Its recommendations include, among many others, the Arzabal Group's traditional tapas at Madr by Arzabal, homemade and natural ice creams by Joan Roca (3 Michelin Stars) at Rocambolesc, traditional rice dishes by Rodrigo de la Calle (1 Michelin Star) at Paella, and homemade and natural ice creams by Rodrigo de la Calle at Rocambolesc.

  • Experience fine dine at Senor Marten:

Despite being fully landlocked, Madrid offers some of Spain's finest seafood, and El Senior Martin is the ideal site at Mercado San Miguel to try it. This restaurant purchases the freshest catch of the day from the best fish suppliers in Madrid and prepares it in front of your eyes into amazing made-to-order tapas. Choose what you want, and they will cook it right away for you! 

  • There are new eateries worth every buck: 

The market reopened in July 2021 with four new stalls: Madreamiga, an artisan bakery run by baker Begoa San Pedro, chef Clara Villalón, and co-founder of Grosso Napoletano Hugo Rodrguez de Prada; Prrimital, which sells top-quality meat; Picolisto, which serves delicious tortillas; and Quesera Queso. A new booth owned by El Senior Martin has been added to the market since it reopened, and P.A.N, a well-known brand of premium corn-based food items that give us a taste of Venezuelan delicacies like the well-known arepas, is also back.

  • Nothing compares to a day spent shopping at the market while sipping wine:

From Andalusian sherries to Galician albarinos, Mister Pinkleton carries a wide variety of domestic wines. Grab a drink and enjoy as you browse the marketplace! In addition, beer and champagne are available in the Mercado San Miguel in Madrid, along with cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. The market sells desserts and other sweet delicacies along with coffees and teas. The Mercado San Miguel offers a range of prepared cuisine and takeout options if you don't have time to eat at the market.

Explore the neighborhood: 

  1. The ancient Plaza Mayor, renowned for its art and architecture, is located within a short distance from the market.
  2. Visit the lavish Royal Palace of Madrid, the royal family of Spain's official residence, and the grounds and Plaza de la Armeria close by.
  3. The Baslica Pontificia de San Miguel, the Tower of the Lujanes, and the Arco de Cuchilleros are three other historical sites around the Mercado San Miguel in Madrid.
  4. The Museo De La Heraldica, the Callejón del Verdugo, and the Museo de los Caos del Peral are nearby museums.
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Address of San Miguel Market

Plaza San Miguel, 28005 Madrid Spain

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