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Did you realize that the Plaza Mayor has a form that is almost precisely square? And that each of its gates creates lovely aches? The plaza can accommodate thousands of visitors. As it is one of the most well-known and easily accessible tourist destinations in Centro Madrid, it is flanked by porticos, historic structures designed in the style of the time, as well as eateries, cafés, and outdoor dining places.

Often known as Main Square or Madrid's 'heart,' the square is an essential part of Spanish cultural heritage and a well-liked destination for vacationers and visitors. Seasonal fairs and festivals take place all year round, adding to the appeal of this ancient public area.

Things to do at Plaza Mayor:

  • Eat outside

Great restaurants and cafés adorn the sides of Plaza Mayor. Choose a restaurant with a terrace so you can enjoy your meal while enjoying the greatest views of the activities taking place within the plaza. Of course, you can also have bocadillos or another typical Spanish dish.

  • Pick up a calamares bocadillo

Are you eager to sample a mouthwatering bocadillo de calamares? Several squid sandwich shops and cafés provide fresh, delicious bocadillos for as little as 2.70 euros each.

  • Put a chulapo on

Would you like to see yourself wearing a chulapo? Pose in front of one of those mannequins situated at the plaza's corner, have a photographer snap your picture, and presto! You have a photo of yourself as a keepsake looking stylish in this classic Spanish outfit.

  • Purchase mementos 

Mayor Plaza is a souvenir haven; there, you can get Real Madrid jerseys, Flamenco figures, Madrid mugs, toys, abanicos, and so much more. It's time to make a purchase that will help you remember your trip to Madrid, Spain, forever.

  • Learn about the lengthy history of Spain

There are around eleven entrances to the area, with the Arco de Cuchilleros (Arch of Catlers) on the southwest corner leading to the street, with the same name being the most well-known. The factories where knives are created and sold to the butchers who operate in the plaza were located on this street (Casa de la Carniceria). The Philip III statue and his horse sculptures, both works of extremely outstanding sculpture by Giambologna and Tacca, are two highly prized examples of 17th-century art. Only the first floor and cellar remain of the original Casa de la Panaderia construction, one of the more well-known buildings on Plaza Mayor. This old structure inspired the design of every other structure in the square.

  • Join Free Tour

Take advantage of complimentary excursions that will take you to notable locations and nooks inside the area and nearby Madrid sights. Watch out for people with umbrellas who advertise 'Free tours'!

  • Reserve your lodging

The Hotel Plaza Mayor Madrid is located a few meters outside the square grounds, near the intersection of Calle de Atocha. Despite the building's very plain exterior, you can tell it has seen a lot of history because it has been there since the 1700s. The hotel's decor combines classic and modern styles and has high-tech features, including free WiFi and modern lighting.

  • Congregate with friends and spend time in the plaza

Plaza Mayor is a great place to get up with friends while in the city. Your party can visit other important Madrid sights, such as Plaza de Isabel II, Museo de Los Canos del Peral, or even Jardines de Sabatini, to mention a few, after seeing every inch of the plaza.

  • Celebrate Christmas Spanish style:

As the holiday season draws closer, the area becomes a paradise for the whole family, with bazaars, child rides, street entertainment, and multicolored lights.

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Address of Plaza Mayor

Calle Gerona 4, 28012 Madrid, Spain

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