Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

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Going on a tour of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is comparable to a tour of the Vatican for a devoted Christian passionate about football, especially for someone passionate about Real Madrid.

Things to do at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium:

  • This place has been a testimony to many a turning points in history:

This stadium has been a part of some of the most memorable events in modern football history. It is the home of Real Madrid C.F., the most successful and sought-after team in Europe (and the globe), and is widely regarded as the best football club that has ever competed in the sport. The Galacticos have called the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, Spain, their home since the stadium opened in 1947. Since then, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium has become one of the most famous footballing venues in the world.

  • A football match attended by many famous athletes.

On game day, the amazing atmosphere is contributed to by the voices of up to 80,000 spectators singing, chanting, and cheering. If you have an opportunity to watch the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, known as 'El Clásico,' you should jump at the chance. Other good options could be a European match or a cup game; these sometimes have more availability. If you happen to get into the spirit of things by singing Real Madrid songs or doing the Mexican wave, you'll soon feel like you're a part of the celebration.

  • The changing rooms for the players and a view of the stadium

The journey begins with a breathtaking vista of the Bernabeu Stadium, which can be seen in its entirety from the highest point in the stadium. This is the finest place to glimpse the entire stadium because it is so high up that you can almost touch the sky. 

  • The gleaming trophy room of the establishment

During its 116 years of existence, this club has been so successful that it has amassed enough trophies to fill an entire truck. The Spanish giants have won 12 trophies in the UEFA Champions League, which is often regarded as the most prestigious European football competition. It is amazing to be in the same room as many people who have achieved so much success. Examine the traditional leather footballs used in youth football and some vintage football uniforms. Imagine the iconic occasions going from one boot, football, or kit to the next trophy. The trophies shine brightly in their glass cases, accompanied by narratives about one of the world's most successful football teams.

  • Create Entertaining Videos in Extremely Slow Motion:

While inside the replica of the Real Madrid Bus, you will have the opportunity to have an immersive experience. Here, make a hilarious slow-motion film of your adventure that you can show off to your friends back home.


  • Enjoy the Convenience of Skipping the Line:

Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu Stadium tickets come with the ability to bypass the ticket line. Spend more time than planned visiting the iconic sports stadium's interior. Step into the team's shoes by going behind the scenes at the stadium and checking out the locker room, tunnel, and benches, among other things. 

  • Eat in a good restaurant – Restaurante Arga.

Now that you've strolled about and made some unique memories, it's time to recharge your batteries. For that, we're heading to Prof. Waksman street, just four minutes from the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, where we're going to meet him at Arga Restaurant.

There are a variety of daily menus, tasting menus, and of course, some of the tastiest dishes of their specialty, which is none other than aged beef, which can be found at this establishment, which is one of the most recommended places for fans of good food.

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Address of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Avenida Concha Espina 1, 28036 Madrid Spain

Opening & Closing time of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

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