Kuwait Allows Direct Flights to 12 countries, including UK, US from July 1

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  ●   01 Jul 21

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Kuwait will allow direct flights to 12 countries from July 1, the government communications office (CGC) wrote in a tweet on Monday.

The list of the countries includes Britain, the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Kyrgyzstan, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kuwaitis and immediate relatives who have received the vaccination are allowed to travel


Must See in These Beautiful Countries

Here is a list of destinations that you shouldn’t miss while visiting these countries:

The Great Britain

The UK has long been one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations due to its diverse scenery and cultural heritage. Do not miss the nation’s sprawling capital, London, to visit the famous Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, and Big Ben & Parliament Buildings. Take a look at Edinburgh Castle, visit beautiful Cotswolds, explore the University Towns of Cambridge and Oxford, stroll through Liverpool and Manchester, and go to Cardiff to explore the scenery and history. 

Red Phone Box

The USA: 

The United States gives the visitors a broad spectrum to choose from ranging from cities known for their history to cities known for fun and glamour. While in the USA, do not miss New York and Washington D.C to experience city life to the fullest! Sightseeing by day, work in time for shopping, and relax over a wonderful meal. Go to San Francisco, Los Angeles, The Grand Canyon, Miami, and Chicago. 

The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon


The classic itineraries to France include Paris, Versailles, seaside resorts, castles, Gothic cathedrals, farmhouses in Burgundy, and fishing villages in Brittany

Château de Versailles
Château de Versailles


History, art, food, music, architecture, culture, charming villages, and what not? Italy has got everything! While in Italy, do not miss Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Lake Como, The Cinque Terre, Pisa & Lucca, and Verona

Colosseum, Rome
Colosseum, Rome


With options ranging from small towns, historic cities to abundant forests and mountains, visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing unique places to visit in Germany. Explore art scenes at Munich, Frankfurt, and Hamburg. For those who prefer recreational activities, go to Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest, or the Rhine Valley

Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany


Visit the Alhambra and Generalife Gardens of Granada, Sagarada Familia and Gaudi Sites of Barcelona, Great Mosque of Cordoba, Madrid, Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao,and Costa del Sol Beaches. 

The Great Mosque of Cordoba

The Great Mosque of Cordoba


Explore some of the world’s most important historical sites and islands. While in Greece do not miss Athens, Ancient Delphi, and the monasteries of Meteora. Do catch a ferry to the islands-  Santorini, Mykonos, Zakynthos, Corfu, and Crete



Visitors get a chance to explore ravishing alpine scenery and quaint villages. Cities like Zurich, Geneva offer excellent museums and galleries, historic buildings, and renowned music festivals. 

Passwang Pass,Switzerland

Passwang Pass, Switzerland 


With some of Europe’s finest skiing, Austria attracts tourists year-round with places to visit in both summer and winter. Visitors are drawn to some splendid cities like Vienna, the historic capital, and beautiful Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart.


 Kyrgyzstan is known for a lot of outdoor activities, making it a heaven for adventure seekers. The must-see places include Bishkek, Ala Archa National Park, Song Kol Lake, Karakol, Osh, Burana, and Jyrgalan Valley.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: 

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most underrated countries in Europe. It has got a lot to offer and is worth your time and effort to get there. Do not miss Travnik, Jahorina, Sarajevo, Trebinje, and Mostar.

Sarajevo, bosnia


A land of windmills, canals, and tulips, the Netherlands has got much more than its beautiful gardens and picturesque villages. The capital city of Amsterdam is filled with museums showcasing a rich heritage of artists.

Time to re-discover the world again. Let’s book and go.



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Kuwait Allows Direct Flights to 12 countries, including UK, US from July 1