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The 540-kilometer Lycian Way, or Likya Yolu in Turkish, runs along the Lycian shoreline from Fethiye in the west to southwest of Antalya. The height of the Lycian Way, which runs from sea level to the peak of Mt. Tahtal, also known as Olympos in ancient times, is 1,800 meters. It links a variety of towns, mountain hamlets, Lycian, and Roman monuments along its course. 

Lycian Way is a fantastic, though occasionally strenuous, way to experience authentic Mediterranean Turkey far from crowded beaches, opulent resorts, and luxury palm trees.

Although some hikers complete the entire path at once, most choose to do it in segments, and some segments are actually more popular than others. Even brief trail segments close to the larger towns might be considered day trips. 

It is not one continuous walk that has existed from the beginning of time but rather a network of old highways, mule and caravan trails, and woodland paths. It's the easiest method to access many locations and still allow access to only those who are willing to make an effort to climb the way. 

It is said that April through May and October through November are the best times to climb the path since the weather is pleasant (not scorching hot as in the summer!) and dry (not wet like in the winter).

How to explore The Lycian Way?

  • Most trail users travel from west to east, from Fethiye to Antalya; thus, it is simpler to follow the waymarks on this route.
  • Some of the Lycian rock tombs may be seen during the first kilometer after leaving Fethiye.
  • You might come across Tarmac Road waymarks as you continue your trail. This path will take you to the Keçiler settlement, which is a part of Kayaköy. When you enter the settlement, a coffee shop will greet you.
  • You will arrive at Kayaköy-Ovack settlement if you continue on the trail. There are a lot of guesthouses, eateries, a grocery shop, and an antique fountain if you choose to stay in Kayaköy.
  • You may select between two distinct pathways from Kayaköy to go to the Lycian Way's official trailhead in Ovack: one leads to the beach close to the Blue Lagoon at Lüdeniz, and the other directly to Ovack via the hills.
  • Additionally, you will come across Kozaaç, a little mountain village that is tucked between the soaring Mt. Babadağ and the steep rocks of the Kdrak Valley. You can also take a break in this village.
  • Babadağ (Father Mountain) towers above Ölüdeniz on Turkey's southwest coast. It is a geological wonder which might motivate you further to walk the trail.
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