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On the location of the ancient Greek settlement of Telmessos, where modern-day Fethiye now stands, lies the Tomb of Amyntas. It is nestled into the mountainside to the south of the city. The name 'Amyntas, son of Hermagios' comes from the Greek inscription 'Amyntou tou Ermagiou' on the sides of the tomb. 

The Tomb of Amyntas, carved into the side of a cliff overlooking Fethiye about 350 B.C., is one of the city's most visited landmarks. The rock tomb is cut into the cliff face like those in Dalyan. The Lycians, who at the time inhabited this satrapy of the Persian Empire, constructed this monument. It is also known as the Fethiye Tomb since it lies in Fethiye city. 

How to explore Ancient Rock Tombs?

  • The mausoleum is one of the most interesting attractions in Fethiye itself and may be seen by climbing 196 steps. A smaller group of rock tombs may be seen out to the left of the road. 
  • At the mountain's peak, you may look at these historical treasures and gain insight into the techniques and methods the ancients used in constructing this architectural wonder. Those vantage points offer some of Fethiye's most breathtaking scenery. 
  • Where the amphitheater stands is now open grassland. Since it has been so carefully preserved, it could easily pass for the actual thing. The entire bay is seen from that vantage point. 
  • While much of the trail has options for lodging (mostly family-run guesthouses) in the adjacent villages nearby, there are a few stretches when wild camping is your only option for two nights in a row. 
  • Kayaköy, the 'ghost town' on the hills, is connected by a wide, cobblestone medieval trail that winds through a pine forest. This path can be used for trekking because it connects the two areas in question quickly and easily. Along the trip, you can also stop by a ghost town. 
  • Get down to the town side and check out the local museum and waterbody.
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Address of Ancient Rock Tombs

Fethiye 48300 Turkey

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