Gizlikent Selalesi

Gizlikent Selalesi translates to 'hidden city waterfall' in Dutch. It is a natural area where you may stroll alongside a river surrounded by various stunning plants and animals. It is situated in Turkey's Fethiye on the Saklikent road.

You descend 250–300 steps to reach the waterfall. While some staircases are constructed of iron, others are built of stone. The next stage of the journey is a 300-meter road in water. This portion is a little tricky. Before you begin walking, if your slippers are not strong, you may rent shoes below. You may rest, have a drink, or take a picture at the same location. You arrive at the waterfall after making your way through the water. Even though the waterfall is not very large, the route to get there is full of breathtaking natural beauty.

Hike down the long side of the steps and then wade across a rushing stream for a very long distance before you get to view the waterfall.

How to explore Gizlikent Selalesi? 

  • After strolling for around 300 meters through the lovely countryside, you will reach a waterfall. To feel blissful and to get a thrill, stand beneath the waterfall.
  • Just the trip to Gizlikent Selalesi is breathtaking; you go through the true Turkey's interior and pass through a variety of actual villages scattered with olive trees, with majestic high mountains in the background whose summits are perpetually covered in snow during the winter.
  • Because you can stroll along the water in the shade, staying here in the summer is lovely. You may either bring your own water shoes or rent some on-site; the water is not very deep.
  • There is a zip line nearby where you can float over trees and take in the most breathtaking views of the untamed forest.
  • If you're hungry, go for a snack, a beverage or something delectable at the restaurant. You may stuff yourself with freshly baked fish or indulge in a deliciously crafted ice cream with your choice of fresh fruit. 
  • Additionally, there is a gift shop on the property where you may get a lovely keepsake.
  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Gizlikent Selalesi

Antalya - Fethiye Yolu, Fethiye Turkey

Opening & Closing time of Gizlikent Selalesi

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