AfKule Monastery

Near Fethiye and three kilometers from the village of Kayaköy is the Af Kule Monastery, whose name translates to 'Tower of Forgiveness' in English. The Af Kule Monastery is a prehistoric building carved directly into the side of a sheer cliff.

Legend has it that a monk named Ayios Eleftherios discovered this picturesque spot in the 11th century. He thought it would be a peaceful spot to pray, so he started carving a little monastery into the rocks on a 10-square-meter plot of land adjacent to a steep hill, using only the most essential tools. The monk spent the last years of his life living in the monastery he was building, a place where he was supposed to have offered penance to God in silence and seclusion.

How to explore Af Kule Monastery?

  • The actual monastery building is two stories tall. If you go downstairs, you will see a rectangle chamber and a rainwater collection tank off to the room's left.
  • You can climb up the interior staircase to the first floor to view chambers of the monk. The first of these chambers is more like a hall than a room. After the monk's passing, his supporters erected a structure just below the monastery.
  • The chapel's remains can be found not far from the monastery; unfortunately, only a few walls were preserved. The roof and Aspidum (arch) are long gone.
  • It is one of the city's most prominent landmarks. The view of Cape Kurdoglu and Iblis, two of Fethiye's most famous sites, is stunning from the monastery's terrace. On a clear-sky day, you can view the island of Rhodes from the top of this tower.
  • You must cross through a dirt and forest road to reach this tower. Several hundred meters into the woods, you will need to park your car and take up a hiking trail. The route to Af Kule is delineated by red and yellow stripes on stones every few meters.
  • imageDuration Required
    1 hour

Address of AfKule Monastery

Kayaköy, Kaya Köyü Yolu, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla, Türkiye

Opening & Closing time of AfKule Monastery

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