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Riyadh is the largest and the capital city of Saudi Arabia. The Arabic word Rawdha, which means 'garden,' is the genesis of the name Riyadh. The Arabian Peninsula's geographic core is where it is located.

Arabia's earliest roots can be found in Riyadh, where its bold future can be imagined, thanks to the city's fusion of medieval and modern culture. The city's evocative souqs, engaging museums, and historic architecture all showcase the city's fascinating, centuries-old history. It is also a modern metropolis with gleaming high-rises and a thriving contemporary art scene.

The best time of year to travel to Riyadh is during the winter. The highest temperatures in December and January go as low as as 20 degrees , despite the fact that the summertime average high temperature might reach 44 degrees.

The Najdi dialect is a peculiar regional speech pattern found in the Riyadh city area. Many people in Riyadh can also speak and understand Urdu and Hindi. The Nejdi Kabsa is the most delicious traditional meal in Riyadh, just like in other Saudi cities. The Yemeni Mandi is a well-liked lunch option.

The most notable landmarks in the neighborhood are The Kingdom Center and Al Faisalyah. International organizations, foreign embassies, housing developments, and shopping centers may be found in the Diplomatic Quarter, or DQ, as it is more commonly referred to. It is also one of the natural green parts of the city, with a variety of sports facilities and lush gardens. It is renowned for its beautiful architecture in particular, and other Islamic cities around the world use it as inspiration. Other attractions in Riyadh are Nofa Wildlife Park and Resort, Diriyah UNESCO Heritage Site, Al Masmak Fortress, Four Spa for only women, Intercontinental Palm Golf Club, Al-Tahlia Street for shopping, Thumamah Desert, etc.

The most popular sport in Riyadh is football. There are four top soccer teams in the city. In Riyadh, cricket is the second most popular sport. Residents of South Asian descent primarily play it on Riyadh's various streets.

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  • Weekdays are the best period for quiet shopping as the shops are heavily overcrowded during the weekends.
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