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This zoo, also known as Malaz Zoo, is the biggest and one of the oldest in the Kingdom and has a 55-acre enclosure. About 40 animal species, including several endangered ones, are housed in this zoo. This zoo is home to more than 1,500 animals. The majority of the animals in this zoo are large animals. Animal shows are conducted here daily to amuse the young visitors. It includes 20,000 different kinds of trees and flowers too. The zoo houses over 80 species of birds. Various animals were brought to this zoo from other nations, including Singapore, the United States, Peru, Australia, Egypt, and Kenya. Seals, kangaroos, griffon vultures, tapirs, hyenas, lions, monkeys, rhinoceroses, gazelles, leopards, tigers, reptiles, elephants, and camels are the numerous exotic wildlife species that were brought from different parts of the world to this zoo. The zoo also exhibits endangered animals native to Saudi Arabia, like the Arabian oryx, Arabian desert leopard, and houbara bustard bird. Bengal Tigers, a native of the Indian subcontinent, are also seen here. It features breathtaking scenery and optimal terrain conditions for the local wildlife to survive easily. November through March are the ideal times to visit the national zoo in Riyadh when these months provide cool, pleasant weather.

How to explore Riyadh Zoo?

  • You can go for the train ride, which gives a 20-minute tour of the entire zoo.
  • Take your kids to watch some highly entertaining animal shows that occur daily as per set timings.
  • There are six snack kiosks on the premises, making it easier for you to satiate your hunger pangs.
  • You can look forward to an onsite restaurant and coffee shop to enjoy delicious food.
  • It has a 5D cinema setting for displaying animal shows.
  • It also houses prayer halls for men and women in case the zoo visits coincide with the prayer timings.
  • It has an outdoor plaza for kids to play and move around.
  • It has a Romanian theater as a casual sit-out.
  • It also houses a conservation center.

Other attractions around the zoo:

  • Visit Ashura mosque to fulfill religious aspirations.
  • Visit the National Museum, where the history of Islam is the primary focus. It also consists of courtyards, 10 galleries, and another area that has the expensive cars and other possessions of the first monarch of Saudi Arabia.
  • Opt for 'The Edge of the World' tour, an exciting excursion from Riyadh.
  • Go on a peaceful camel ride in the Riyadh desert and enjoy beautiful sunset views.
  • Go for an adventurous Quad biking with professional drivers who can drive on the dunes on a 4x4 vehicle. You will also enjoy a sandboarding experience there.

Frequently Asked Questions About Riyadh Zoo:

Q. What is Riyadh Zoo? 

A. Riyadh Zoo is the biggest and oldest zoo in Saudi Arabia established in 1987.

Q. Where is Riyadh Zoo located? 

A. Riyadh Zoo is located on Mosab Ibn Umair Street in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

Q. What is the opening time of Riyadh Zoo? 

A. From Monday to Saturday, Riyadh Zoo opens at 10 AM and on Sunday it opens at 9 AM.

Q. Is there an entry fee to visit Riyadh Zoo? 

A. Yes, visitors need to pay an entry fee at Riyadh Zoo. 

Q. What animals can be seen at Riyadh Zoo? 

A. Riyadh Zoo has a collection of over 1500 native and foreign animals including kangaroos, gazelles, rhinoceros, reptiles, hyenas, lions, camels, and more. 

Q. Is it suitable to visit Riyadh Zoo with children? 

A. Yes, Riyadh Zoo can be visited with children. 

Q. Can I bring my food and drinks to Riyadh Zoo? 

A. Carrying food or drinks inside Riyadh Zoo is prohibited. 

Q. Is there parking available at Riyadh Zoo? 

A. Yes, parking space is available at Riyadh Zoo. 

Q. Can I take photos at Riyadh Zoo? 

A. No. Taking pictures at Riyadh Zoo is prohibited. 

Q. Is it safe to visit Riyadh Zoo? 

A. Yes, it is completely safe to visit Riyadh Zoo. 

Q. Are there any restaurants or cafes available at Riyadh Zoo?

A. Yes, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes near Riyadh Zoo. A few are:

  • Zaitoon Indian Restaurant
  • Chinese Restaurant
  • Yauatcha Cafe. 

  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of Riyadh Zoo

Mosab Ibn Umair St, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Riyadh Zoo

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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