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The largest and most fascinating museum in Saudi Arabia is its National Museum. It is a great place to spend a day learning about millennia of Arabian pre-history, history, culture, and art. The National Museum transports tourists on a marvelously interactive tour of the past and houses everything from Neolithic rock art to reproductions of the buildings of old Jeddah within magnificent modernist architecture and flower-wreathed gardens.

Mid-Week visits will help you to avoid crowds and have more time to stroll through the halls of the museum. A continual rotation of activities, guest exhibitions, and programs will keep you interested and glued to the museum for a whole day.

How to explore National Museum?

Hall 1: The Universe and Man

  • Visit this 1,500 square ft. space to learn about the past of our planet.
  • Get a peek at the mastodon and other ancient animals that once roamed the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Admire meteorites and investigate a replica of the stunning Tuwaiq mountain range.
  • Don't miss the captivating display of rock sculptures discovered and carved in the southern city of Najran, which includes an old human handprint cut into a rock.

Hall 2: Retracing History

  • Investigate the pre-Islamic civilizations that emerged throughout the early, middle, and late Arab kingdoms.
  • Look for exhibits that are noteworthy and feature some of the earliest Thamudic, Aramaic, and Islamic texts engraved on stone slabs.
  • There are numerous archaeological artifacts to view, including pottery, beautiful jewelry, and murals from the Assyrian palace.
  • Explore the pre-Islamic era's key cities and sketches of their ancient trade routes that once snaked through the Arabian sands, bringing incense, pearls, and other items to the rest of the globe.
  • Check out the imitation of traditional Arab markets to discover where they were once sold.

Hall 3: The Islamic Conquest

  • The Prophet's Mission hall features exquisitely crafted displays that trace the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), from his birth in Makkah through his migration to Madinah.
  • Check out the massive ceramic mural's bulky components and the Holy Quran's 500-year-old manuscripts.
  • Take a look at the origins of Islam in the section that features the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Learn about the early Arab contributions to science, medicine, and astronomy.

Hall 4: Birth of a Nation

  • From the first two Saudi states through the establishment of a single kingdom in 1932, the growth of Saudi Arabia is traced in this hall.
  • Search these galleries for the hidden troves of scripts, rare books, and coins.
  • Explore the restored homes that provide a sense of the time.
  • A must-attend are the exhibitions of Hajj and the Two Holy Mosques, where models and multimedia presentations depict Hajj rites, historic pilgrimage routes, and the development of Makkah and Medina. more more

Address of National Museum

King Saud Road, 2722 District 8745, Riyadh 12631, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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