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The Seine river that runs through Paris is frequently referred to as 'Paris' most beautiful boulevard.' for all the right reasons. The Seine is close to some of Paris' most famous sites. Don't think twice! Take off and explore Paris from the Seine River, a unique vantage point.

Things to do at the Seine River:

  • Take a boat trip to the heart of Paris.

Yes, we enjoy walking and climbing excursions in Paris, but when that's the most fantastic way to experience a city, we're not scared to get our feet wet. Sail to and from each nook while carrying a camera to capture the most stunning Parisian landmarks, such as the incredible Eiffel Tower, the magnificent Notre-Dame de Paris, or the opulent Louvre.

  • Take a Seine boat to experience breathtaking vistas of Paris in all its splendor.

Considering that the trip will pass several famous landmarks in the city, such as Notre Dame, the Conciergerie, the Orsay Museum, and, of course, the Eiffel Tower, you should bring your camera. The Eiffel Tower will be visible up close at night when it shimmers a brilliant, nearly blinding gold.

  • Take a picture of the Pont Alexandre III, the most recognizable bridge in Paris.

On a busy day of sightseeing in the city, a stroll down the Seine close to this gold-plated bridge is the ideal break. With towers that are almost 56 feet tall, it stands out profoundly. It has a glossy appeal due to the polished bronze sculptures of winged horses.

  • Feel like royalty at dinner cruise on Paris, Don Juan II's boat

The Don Juan II invites you on board for a gastronomic cruise that will tickle your stomach and, most importantly, know how to satisfy you. The trip departs from the Eiffel Tower and brings you to see the well-known Paris landmarks. The cuisine on board is quite sophisticated, similar to that of a high-end hotel. This fine dining establishment's recently restored opulent and beautiful environment will transport you back to the heyday of transatlantic liners. Gourmets should not hesitate to explore Don Juan II's menu! What an adventure, too!

  • Intoxicate yourself at the bars along the Seine.

No worries if you didn't get to eat on one of the Bateaux-Mouches. Along the Seine, there are many hip places to eat and drink; many are on boats.

  • Experience the coastal trick and trades of fishing

There are tonnes of fish in the Seine. You won't be able to miss your aim very often. The gudgeon is the most common species, but it is closely followed by the catfish, pike, or zander. If you're skilled with a fishing pole, you might have the incredible distinction of landing a 4-kilogram salmon in your nets.

  • Visit the bridges over the Seine to see the love locks.

You're in the City of Love, and whether you're traveling with your sweetheart, alone, or in a group, you should all check out the padlocks on the Seine bridges. However, today, visitors can observe the locks instead of participating in the process.

You'll therefore need to discover another means of expressing your love. A visit to Montmartre's I Love You Wall would be in order.

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