Palais Garnier

The Opéra Garnier, commonly known as the Palais Garnier, is a masterwork of opulent architecture and still emits the mysterious aura it had in the late 1800s.Every seat in the main auditorium faces the stage, giving everyone a clear view of the performers. The auditorium is designed like a horseshoe, and the stage can hold up to 450 musicians at once, making it the biggest such stage in all of Europe.

If not for a performance, then at the very least to see where some of the greatest performers in history have performed, a trip to the Palais Garnier is an experience in and of itself for music fans from all over the world. 

Things to do at Opera Garnier:

  • Experience exuberance that is time-honored:

Its breathtaking Old World decor and Gaston Leroux, the creator of ''Phantom of the Opera,'' who took inspiration from the Garnier, are responsible for the opera's palpable feeling of mystery and intrigue. Leroux said that the phantom was real, skillfully blending true opera events—like the chandelier falling and killing a spectator—into his story.

  • Attend a live performance that will leave you starry-eyed:

Buying tickets to a ballet or opera is the greatest way to enjoy the Palais Garnier. Remember to order your tickets well because popular concerts sell out quickly. You may see the building's exquisite interiors on your own if you won't be in town for performance or don't want to shell out the frequently expensive performance cost.

  • Let the gorgeous interiors inspire the artist in you:

Visitors praise the Palais Garnier for its beautiful interior design, praising even the slightest details. Some even compare the lavishness to that of Versailles. The entire building is magnificently ornamented with exquisite statues created by renowned sculptors. The sculptures depict various scenes, including dances, poetry in motion, and other like things, as well as those of Beethoven, Mozart, Auber, and Spontini. The Palais Garnier features a massive grand staircase, a gilded dome, and murals of dancing and singing angels in its Grand Foyer, both popular tourist attractions. You may have to wait in line to purchase tickets and visit the attraction because of how popular the opera is.

  • Dine at L'Opera for lunch or supper

You are invited to eat at a two-star Michelin restaurant inside the Garnier Opera house. In this ancient establishment, you may sample some outstanding French cuisine.

But if you can't afford this expensive restaurant, a fun substitute would be to enroll in a French cooking class, learn to prepare some delectable traditional foods, and then eat them!

  • Visit the Boulevard Haussmann to shop:

The first department shops appeared in France. The department shops on Boulevard Haussmann, which are only 5 minutes away from Le Relais Madeleine, are a must-see while in Paris. Among of the busiest shopping districts in Europe, Galeries Lafayette, and Printemps constitute approximately 116,000 square meters of retail space where major and small companies coexist in a stunning environment.

  • Put the accent on luxury shopping with Place Vendome:

Discover a world of prosperity and luxury. Jewelers' stores offer amazing diamonds and authentic works of art all around this plaza, which was constructed during the reign of Louis XIV. The Ritz Hotel and the most renowned jewelry shops make this plaza one of the world's most exclusive locations today.

  • Visit the deli area to indulge in sinful pleasures:

The greatest of French and other cuisines can be found at Lafayette Gourmet, a great deli section where you can get foie gras, truffles, caviar, an oyster bar, Bellota hams, macarons, and teas. You may sample several foods, enjoy a meal, and discover many present suggestions.

  • imageDuration Required
    1 hour 20 minutes

Address of Palais Garnier

Place de l_Opera entrance at the corner of Scribe and Auber streets, 75009 Paris France

Opening & Closing time of Palais Garnier

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