Le Marais

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One of the attractions of a vacation to Paris is to see le Marais. Gorgeous ancient homes, charming restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, and Paris's oldest and possibly most attractive designed plaza may all be found here.

Things to do at Le Marais:

  • Be a wanderer in Paris's Le Marais

One of the greatest things to do in Le Marais is the art of flânering, which involves walking and watching daily life in Paris. Give yourself time to relax at a café, stroll around a few galleries, check out a museum, and explore the winding, cobblestone alleyways in search of various hôtels and stores.

  • Plan a picnic with the family

One of the parks in Paris that allows grass seating (many parks restrict it) is Place des Vosges, making it the perfect location for a picnic. Families, sunbathers, artists, and friends relaxing on a seat and listening to the bubbling fountains congregate here. Make sure to explore the galleries and stores surrounded by covered arches. Take a seat at Carette Paris and savor a decadent hot chocolate or lunch on Sunday.

  • Check out Victor Hugo's House

Explore this museum to explore the locations where Hugo penned parts of Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The Place des Vosges may be seen well from the upper windows.

  • Appreciate The Hôtel De Sully

The Hôtel de Sully, which is close to Place des Vosges, is a beautiful illustration of riches and opulence. The National Office of Historical Monuments and Sites is now housed there, along with an excellent bookshop and an information center.

  • Discover the Cannonball

Pass the magnificent Hôtel de Sens with its towers as you go by. Admire the magnificent structure and look for the black cannonball on the front wall, next to the left turret. It has been there since July 28th, 1830, when the stone wall was built! Explore the beautiful gardens, and search for the relief sculptures of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water in the courtyard.

  • Explore The Picasso Museum

The magnificent Hôtel Salé in the Marais neighborhood is home to the Picasso Museum. The estate is a must-see because of its grand staircase, lavish embellishments, and extensive collection of Pablo Picasso's artwork.

  • Views from The Pompidou Center

The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Europe's biggest collection of modern art, is housed in the Georges Pompidou Centre, which has a quirky, distinctive style. Visit the location to view the permanent collection or a special exhibition. You may also head directly to the top for stunning views of the Eiffel Tower and Sacre Coeur among the Paris rooftops.

  • Unwind in the Anne Frank Garden

The Anne Frank Garden is a short distance from the Georges Pompidou Center, hidden along a small street. Owners stroll their dogs, families bring their kids here to play, while other count roses and fruit trees in the orchard.

  • Walk through the passage from the abyss.

Le Marais in Paris has a charming undiscovered corridor called the Passage de l'Ancre (Passage of the Anchor). Enter to find private homes, vines and flowers, a few shops, and eateries.

  • Look for Le Marais' Oldest Half-Timbered Homes

Two extremely old, very tall, and narrow half-timbered homes from the 14th century may be found in the Marais neighborhood, which is rich with aristocratic private residences and is a constant reminder of how old le Marais Paris is. Observe their unbalanced posture and be amazed that they are still standing!

  • Buy food from Marché Des Enfants Rouges

Purchase fresh produce, local French cheeses, and fruit from the booths, or order takeout. Moroccan, French, Italian, and ChezAlain Miam Miam! One of the few marketplaces, Marché des Enfants Rouges, has tables, some of which are communal, making it the perfect spot for lunch (déjeuner) or supper.

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