Shrine of Remembrance

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The Shrine of Remembrance is a war memorial honoring Australian servicemen and servicewomen who fought throughout different battles. It functions as a place for contemplation, remembrance, and reflection.

The architecture of the Shrine is influenced by ancient classical designs, specifically the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. It consists of a central sanctuary with colonnades, domes, and a tower in the center.

The central sanctuary of the Shrine contains the Stone of Remembrance, a marble slab with the inscription 'Greater Love Hath No Man' engraved on it. Also, the sanctuary contains a marble statue of a soldier referred to as 'Wipers' or 'The Grieving Soldier.'

In remembrance of the deceased soldiers, the Shrine features a perpetually burning Eternal Flame. It is situated on the forecourt and is surrounded by bronze monuments portraying numerous military units.

The Shrine conducts numerous commemorative events throughout the year, including Anzac Day services, Remembrance Day ceremonies, and special exhibitions. These occasions attract visitors and offer opportunities for contemplation and remembrance.

The Dawn Service on Anzac Day (April 25) is among the most important events conducted at the Shrine. Thousands of individuals congregate in the early morning darkness to honor those who served in wars and conflicts.

Things to do at The Shrine of Remembrance

Explore the Shrine: Explore all the different parts of the Shrine, including the sanctuary, crypt, and galleries, at your pace. Admire the architecture, contemplate the melancholy of the environment, and pay your respects to the deceased soldiers.

Attend commemorative services: Consider attending the memorial services conducted at the Shrine if your visit coincides with Anzac Day or Remembrance Day. These services allow individuals to participate in respectful ceremonies and commemorate those who have served.

Climb to the Balcony: Climb the central tower of the Shrine and step out onto the balcony at the top. From there, visitors can see the whole skyline of Melbourne and the area around it. In addition, the spot is an excellent choice for capturing stunning photographs.

Experience the Ray of Light: For those who plan to visit the Shrine on November 11th, also known as Remembrance Day, it is highly recommended to witness the Ray of Light ceremony. At the stroke of 11 a.m., a beam of sunlight filters through a small opening, casting a radiant glow on the word 'Love' engraved on the Stone of Remembrance.

Wander the Remembrance Garden: The Remembrance Garden provides a tranquil and reflective location adjacent to the Shrine. Walk through the exquisitely landscaped gardens, halt by the reflective pools, and admire the sculptures and memorial walls.

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Address of Shrine of Remembrance

St. Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria 3004 Australia

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