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ArtVo is situated in the vibrant Docklands precinct of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

ArtVo's interactive and comprehensive art experience is widely recognized. ArtVo, unlike traditional art galleries, encourages visitors to touch, pose, and interact with artworks, thereby becoming a part of optical illusions and 3D scenes.

The artworks at ArtVo use various illusion techniques, such as trompe l'oeil (fool the eye), anamorphosis (distorted perspective), and forced perspective, which manipulate depth perception and produce captivating optical illusions.

ArtVo offers a specialized section called ArtVo Junior that caters to children. It provides interactive and age-appropriate artwork, allowing children to explore their creativity and imagination in an enjoyable and engaging space.

ArtVo is popular among photography enthusiasts and social media users. The interactive nature of the artworks enables visitors to capture original and imaginative photographs, frequently with mind-bending effects, making it an ideal location for memorable portraits and group photos.

The art gallery is intended to be usable by individuals of all ages and capacities. It is accessible by wheelchair, and staff members are available to assist visitors with special requirements.

Things to do at ArtVo

Explore the artwork: Indulge in a gentle exploration of the countless artworks on display in the gallery. Experience a mesmerizing journey as you transition from one piece to another, captivated by the stunning optical illusions, mesmerizing 3D effects, and mind-bending perspectives. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of art and explore a variety of poses and angles to achieve your desired visual impact.

Pose and interact: Immerse yourself in the world of interactive art at ArtVo! Strike a pose and become a part of the artwork; it's an experience you won't want to miss. Unleash your inner artist by either following the instructions provided near each piece or letting your imagination run wild as you seamlessly merge into the captivating scenes and illusions.

Capture unique photos: Capture extraordinary moments and breathtaking visual effects with your camera or smartphone. Elevate your photography game with stunning and shareable shots by playing with various camera angles and poses. Remember to include the hashtag #ArtVoMelbourne when you share your stunning photos on social media.

Engage with the staff: The helpful staff at ArtVo is available to facilitate and direct you throughout your visit. Feel free to ask for suggestions, advice, or assistance setting up your photos. They are knowledgeable about the artwork and can offer insightful remarks.

Visit ArtVo Junior: Make sure to check out ArtVo Junior if you're here with kids! It provides children with interactive artwork made with them in mind, encouraging them to use their imagination and creativity.

Visit the ArtVo Shop: Before departing, stop by the ArtVo Shop. Peruse the assortment of prints, postcards, and other merchandise featuring the gallery's artwork. You can bring an actual souvenir of your ArtVo experience home with you or discover unique gifts for art lovers.

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    3 hours

Address of ArtVo

26 Star Cres Level 1, The District, Melbourne, Victoria 3008 Australia

Opening & Closing time of ArtVo

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