Dandenong Ranges National Park

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Dandenong Ranges National Park is situated approximately 35 kilometers east of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. It is situated in the eastern foothills of the Dandenong Ranges and encompasses over 3,500 hectares.

The national park is renowned for its verdant forests, hilly terrain, and picturesque landscapes. It is home to a diversity of plant and animal species, including towering mountain ash trees, fern gullies, and numerous bird species.

The Kokoda Memorial Walk, also known as the 1,000 Steps, is among the highlights of Dandenong Ranges National Park. This challenging but rewarding trail honors the Australian servicemen who fought in the Kokoda Campaign during World War II.

There are a number of stunning waterfalls in the park, including the well-known Sherbrooke Falls and Olinda Falls. These cascades are great places to unwind and appreciate nature because of the peaceful ambiance they generate.

For those interested in wildlife, the Dandenong Ranges National Park is a paradise. While hiking the park's trails and exploring the forest, tourists may come across natural wildlife such as wallabies, wombats, and a variety of avian species.

Things to do at Dandenong Ranges National Park

Bushwalking and hiking: The national park has a network of walking paths that range from short strolls to longer, more difficult walks. Explore walks like the Kokoda Memorial Walk (1,000 steps), the Sherbrooke Falls Trail, and the Olinda Falls Track. On these walks, you can enjoy the park's natural beauty and learn about its many plants and animals.

Wildlife Spotting: As you explore the national park, be on the lookout for native animals. Keep an eye out for colorful bird species, such as rosellas, king parrots, and kookaburras. You may also encounter wallabies, wombats, and lyrebirds, which are renowned for their remarkable ability to imitate natural and artificial sounds.

Visit the Botanic Gardens: Explore the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden's selection of native and exotic plants on a stroll through the garden. Appreciate the tranquil atmosphere, the rare flora, and the scrupulously maintained gardens.

Capture Photographs: The Dandenong Ranges National Park is a photographer's paradise. Whether you are trying to capture the essence of the park's fauna or the breathtaking views from the park's viewing points, photography is a must. So don't forget to capture some for yourself.

Garden Visits: Consider visiting other gorgeous gardens in the area, such as the William Ricketts Sanctuary, Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens, and Pirianda Gardens, in addition to the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden. Each garden has its own distinct vibe and floral displays.

Go on Scenic Drives: Enjoy the park's scenic drives that meander through the Dandenong Ranges by car. Take the Mount Dandenong Tourist Road or the scenic Dandenong Tourist Road drive for breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscapes.

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Address of Dandenong Ranges National Park

Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd Treemont, Melbourne, Victoria 3787 Australia

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