King Abdullah Sports City

The King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah combines traditional Islamic architecture with cutting-edge design to create a highly practical, sustainable, and adaptable structure. It is elegant, sustainable, and versatile. The stadium is unique worldwide thanks to this design and functional decision. It has been called a 'diamond in the desert' because of its faceted geometry, formalist setting, and harsh surroundings.

Also, it has been made following FIFA, Green Guide, and IBC guidelines and rules.

  • The Jeddah-based Saudi Premier League football teams AI-Ittihad and AI-Ahli play in the King Abdullah Sports City stadium. It allows for bigger numbers and, for the first time, makes it possible for the nation to host tournaments like the AFC Asian Cup. 

  • The goal goes far beyond merely offering this facility. Along with giving people a place to watch sports, the goal is to encourage them to participate in activities that enhance overall fitness within the Kingdom. 

  • Along with the stadium itself, there are warm-up facilities for athletics, a ten thousand-seat indoor multipurpose sports hall, a one thousand-seat outdoor athletics stadium and track, three football fields, four five-a-side fields, six tennis courts that are intended to be used for training and competition at all levels up to the international level. It is adaptable and can be changed for sporting, cultural, and exhibition events.

  • The stadium is encircled by radiating axes, with the most crucial path passing by the mosque on the road bordered by trees. The indoor arena is connected to the 21,000-seat covered stand, which extends the tented form of the venue and allows it to share amenities.

  • It has an orthogonal layout on the lower levels. It turns around at the top to achieve excellent sightlines from every part of the bowl and comfort with natural ventilation throughout the year's three seasons. This solution combines the best possible sightlines with intimacy at the lower layers.

  • The best variety of grass to survive in the hot, arid conditions was the 'Bermuda' type, which the designers utilized to provide spectators as much shade as possible without shading the grass.
  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of King Abdullah Sports City

Prince Talal Ben Mansour Abdel Aziz Road, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

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