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The Floating Mosque was built in 1985 with bases buried beneath the ocean's surface, and it is also known as the ''Al-Rahmah mosque.'' The dome-shaped aquamarine roof and the pearly white minaret of Masjid Al Rahma make for dramatic visual contrast. It is a magnificent, traditional Islamic design with a modern architectural twist. It also features 52 surrounding domes that add to its splendor in addition to the central dome. It has a massive 2,400 sq m area, and a low-walled walkway over the Red Sea holds the lovely edifice to the sandy shore.

To the sound of the waves and the chatter and laughter of viewers around the outdoor arena, the sun rises over the mosque like a fantastic painting and sets over another equally amazing one.

  • When you enter this mosque, you'll note its cutting-edge, contemporary design, the huge glass windows that provide worshipers with a view of the sea, and the ceiling inscriptions that merge the spirituality of the location with the beauty of the surroundings.
  • The mosque's extraordinary beauty can be found not only in its architecture but also in the state-of-the-art audio and lighting systems that go along with the features that make it unique from other structures in terms of peace and beauty.
  • It boasts a spectacular stained-glass ring on its roof that, during the day, emits a golden glow throughout the hall below. The 56 arched windows on the ground level allow worshippers to take in the lovely views of the sea outside.
  • The mosque also boasts a lovely outdoor open courtyard where worshippers can take in the peace brought on by the expansive coastline vistas, cold sea wind, and calming sounds of the water.
  • The mosque contains a wooden place for women to pray, and outside is a vast space with marble flooring sheltered from the sun's heat by tiny domes.
  • During prayers, the males congregate in the main hall, while the women pray in the wooden musalla that hangs over the main hall. Additionally, there are pristine restrooms and ablution facilities on the mosque grounds for guests.
  • Masjid Al-Rahma gets tens of thousands of Umrah and Hajj visitors yearly since Jeddah is the entry point to the holy towns of Madinah and Makkah. Its architectural magnificence and historical significance draw visitors from all over the world and serve as a destination for pilgrims.
  • Many visitors and residents adore taking strolls around the Jeddah Corniche to properly appreciate the mosque's magnificence, particularly in the morning and at dusk.
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    2 hours

Address of Al Rahma Mosque

6826 Corniche Rd, Jeddah 23613 Saudi Arabia

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