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The Hassan Enany Mosque, widely considered one of the city's most stunning examples of architectural design, can be found as an attraction point right at the corner of Middle Corniche Park and close to the well-known Jeddah fountain. This mosque is notable not only for its enviable position but also for its magnificent Islamic architecture and interior design. It speaks volumes about the progressive culture of contemporary Saudi Arabia.

The mosque includes a sizable dome with a framework made of golden tiles and minarets with Byzantine influences. 

The mosque's entrance leads to a spacious hall adorned with recurring arabesques. The courtyard has enough space for several worshipers to offer unified prayers. 

  • The dome that tops the Enany Mosque is not very spherical, which draws attention to the fact that its four vaults are joined to form the dome. In addition, the dome's exterior is covered in little golden tiles, another motif that may be found often in Islamic architecture.
  • Enany Mosque uses the thuluth script, even though a wide variety of other calligraphic techniques are available. It is typically ornamented with phrases from the Qur'an, and it is a beautiful way to represent the words of Allah.
  • The Enany Mosque features floral decorations that are derived from circular motifs, and these patterns are repeated throughout the inside of the area.
  • The mosque was built on a piece of ground angled toward the water, which allowed for the development of a more hexagonal or star-shaped layout for the building. In addition to the parking lots that encircle the mosque on two sides, some landscaping runs around the perimeter.
  • The Mihrab at the Enany Mosque is decorated with arabesque designs and is white, which is consistent with the design aesthetic of the mosque as a whole.
  • In addition to the sermons and religious lessons it organizes every night after the evening prayer, the mosque is distinguished by its expansive area and the beauty of its construction, where the windows take the form of arches and many glowing chandeliers. A library also includes many rich and useful books in jurisprudence and Sharia.
  • There is a large parking lot to satisfy the requirements of the numerous worshipers. They congregate at the mosque for the Friday and Tarawih prayers throughout the holy month of Ramadan.
  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of Hassan Enany Mosque

Al Kurnaysh Rd,, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

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