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The ancient Nassif House was built in the late 1800s for Omar Nasseef Efendi, the governor of Jeddah at the time, and is situated in the Old Town of Jeddah, Al Balad. This five-story building, built in the middle of the 1800s, was once the residence of the Nassifs, a renowned family of merchants. It also once entertained prominent figures in Jeddah, including King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, who is regarded as the country's forefather.

The museum not only preserves and depicts the earliest history of the area but also allows visitors to experience local culture fully. 

Known for housing historical relics, it attracts locals and tourists year-round because of its intricate arrangement and stunning architectural design.

Since 2009, it has been used as a museum and cultural center. Nassif House Museum, which boasts exquisite construction and great aesthetic appeal, is a popular destination for tourists and residents. It has undergone numerous modifications, but its Ottoman architecture has been preserved.

  • Because Bayt Nassif was the only residence in Balad with a tree, people refer to it as 'The House with the Tree.' The lack of water made growing a tree a difficult chore. Neem tree (Azadirachta indica), a resilient survivor, is nearly as old as the building.
  • The artwork in many of its rooms is from the nineteenth century. Arabic calligraphy initially created by Ottoman Turks may be seen on the doors and corridors.
  • In the house, the idea of grouping objects in threes is common. This could be a trio of windows or a gateway in the middle with a window or niche on either side.
  • A library with over 16,000 books from the main library of King Abdulaziz University is also housed in the museum.
  • The Nassif House Museum displays a wide range of relics and items from the area's illustrious past. Its impressive collection of numerous old photos transports visitors to a different period. It comprises 106 rooms and several exceptional exhibits, all displaying breathtaking artwork.
  • It features multiple wall-mounted exhibits that showcase historic maps of the routes taken by pilgrims from various nations, including Syria, Yemen, and Egypt.
  • A vintage map detailing the Prophet Muhammad's migratory path is also on display in one of its exhibits (PBUH). The museum also features a sizable collection of jewelry, electronics, kitchenware, and other items that people often utilized in the past.
  • Additionally, the Nassif House Museum hosts instructive lectures presented by historians and specialists from throughout the globe.
  • The Saudi Arabian monarchs' earlier written notes and documents are widely available in the museum. King Abdulaziz and former monarchs' collections are also displayed at some of the exhibits. The displays feature armor and weapons from antiquity.
  • You can stroll through the same halls that once welcomed numerous ambassadors and view photographs depicting various narratives.
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Souq Al Alawi Balad, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

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