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Khadija Baghlaf Mosque was constructed in 1425 to be a light of knowledge and guidance for people in Jeddah. Palm-lined religious complex with an arched front, elegant prayer rooms & a soaring minaret adorns this devout spot that enjoys tremendous popularity. 

This radiant mosque enhances the surrounding landscape with its remarkable appeal and elegance and is a stunning architectural, design, and spiritual masterpiece. It enjoys high sanctity that Muslims, residents or tourists, are keen to see during their tourism tours in Jeddah to add more spirituality to their visit to the lovely city.

  • This gorgeous mosque lies near Al Naseem Dist, in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This mosque was erected by a Saudi Woman who also helped many needy people in the country. The mosque is named after Hazrat Khadeeja, the first wife of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him). 

  • The mosque is recognized for its wide area and the beauty of its construction. The windows take the form of arches and many shining chandeliers, in addition to the sermons and religious lessons it arranges every night after the evening prayer. 

  • This mosque can accommodate roughly 1500 attendees, home to a rectangular courtyard and multiple hallways. In addition to its remarkable white structure, the mosque also includes a 3-tier minaret and gives tranquil views of the lake.

  • The mosque's layout is extremely segregated yet connected by a common rectangular concept, dividing all portions from each other.

  • A library comprises numerous rich and valuable literature in law and Sharia.

  • This is in addition to a huge parking lot to satisfy the needs of worshipers who gather at the mosque in abundance for Friday prayers and Tarawih prayers during Ramadan in particular.
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    3 hours

Address of Khadija Baghlaf Mosque

Jeddah Saudi Arabia

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