The Mausoleum of Menelik II

The Bete Maryam Mausoleum is situated just to the south of Menelik's palace and provides visitors with the opportunity to have an enchanting experience.

Menelik II is credited with being the one who modernized the country by introducing things like trains, electricity, and telephones, among other things.

You can pay a visit to the crypt of the mausoleum, which now functions as a church, to view the tombs made of white marble, paintings, and other artifacts that commemorate the life of the former ruler.

Things to do at Mausoleum of Menelik II:

• Learn about the history of the site:

This mausoleum is situated at the top of the hill, which provides a view of the city, and is guarded by two statues of lions at each entrance.

This magnificent piece of architecture was constructed in 1913 so that it could serve as the final resting place for Emperor Menelik II. It is the final resting place of a great Emperor, his wife and daughters, and other prominent figures from the history of the nation and the country.

• Admire the architecture, which is a visual treat for the eyes:

The architecture of the tombs is of great interest, and the paintings inside are stunning. Even though it is currently used as a church, you can still go there to view the White Marble Tombs, as well as paintings and other artifacts that depict scenes from the life of the deceased ruler. The paintings and decorations are beautiful, and the church building itself is fascinating to look at.

Tortoises are just one of the many fascinating species of wildlife that call this area home; they can often be found merrily foraging in grassy areas.

• See the final resting place of many Ethiopian royalties:

After the priest has rolled the carpet into a ball and prised open the large metal door embedded in the floor, if you're lucky, you'll be able to descend into the eerie crypt and take a deep breath before proceeding.

You'll find the elaborate tombs of Empress Taitu, Emperor Menelik, Empress Zewditu, and Princess Tsehai Haile Selassie there. Each burial is made of marble.

• Be courageous to advent into the crypt to witness more treasures:

Inside is a secret door that leads into the crypt, which is the final resting place of several Ethiopian royal families, including Emperor Menelik himself. The marble tombs are a stunning discovery in and of themselves. Still, the real highlight of this location is an original painting by Michelangelo that is estimated to be worth 20 million GBP can also be viewed here.

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