Holy Trinity Cathedral

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Holy Trinity Cathedral, the second-most important place of worship in Ethiopia, is the highest-ranking Orthodox cathedral created to commemorate Ethiopia's liberation from Italian occupation.

In addition, it serves as the revered resting place for Emperor Haile Selassie and his wife, Empress Menen Asfaw.

Inside are their enormous granite tombs, built in the Aksumite style.

The interior's solemnity contrasts sharply with the intense feelings that many pilgrims are experiencing. The cathedral will still welcome everyone as one of the most well-known sights in Addis Abeba to take in the unique architecture and creative windows and offer a brief prayer.


• Learn about the idea of inception for the site:

The major reason for building this intriguing cathedral was to honor Ethiopia's freedom from Italian domination.

The second-last ruling monarch of Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie, and his wife, Empress Menen Asfaw, is buried in the cathedral's north transept, making this grand, beautiful structure, with its enormous dimensions, the second-most important site of worship in the nation.

• Study the architectural details:

The exciting building's façade features a sizable copper dome, pinnacles, numerous statues, and a tremendous flamboyant fusion of world styles that vividly depict the many significant events in Ethiopian history.

However, the interior is even more stunning than the façade thanks to its magnificent large murals, the most significant of which is Afewerk Tekle's representation of the Holy Trinity, which features Matthew as a man, Mark as a lion, Luke as a cow, and John as a dove peeping through the clouds.

• Explore the many structures housed on the premises:

A primary and secondary school, a monastery, the Holy Trinity Theological College, numerous monuments, and an informative museum detailing the church's history and nation are among the additional amenities.

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Address of Holy Trinity Cathedral

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

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