Addis Mercato

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Addis Mercato is a must-visit location if you enjoy markets in Addis Ababa. The market, which is open-air and extends for kilometers, is regarded as the largest in Africa. Although crowded and disorderly, the market is still arguably the most fabulous location to experience the city and see how its citizens buy necessities.

The market is a must-visit when you're in town if you like people-watching, local culture, or street photography.


It is one of those markets that flows in all ways, so you never know what you'll run into or what you'll find:

The environment is perfect for market enthusiasts. Numerous supplies are loaded and unloaded onto buses and trucks, donkeys and other animals roam free, and people scour the streets for the best discounts on the items they need.

Buy everything traditional:

The market is famous for its availability of traditional Ethiopian clothing, Ethiopian trinkets, religious artifacts, coffee beans, and related supplies.

A trip to the Addis Mercato is a fantastic overload of both culture and the bustling market scene:

The Addis Mercato not only allows visitors to shop but also provides a fascinating look into an Ethiopian market vendor's bustling, active life. It's a terrific spot to shop for excellent deals in Ethiopia, but you can meander and take in the energy.

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Address of Addis Mercato

Dubai tera building, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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