Mount Entoto

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Take a day excursion or a half-day trip to Mount Entoto if you are in Addis Abeba and have some free time to see another side of the area.

This mountain's peak, which looks over the nation's capital, is its highest point.

A trip to the top is a fantastic afternoon activity, whether you want to get some serious exercise or take a stroll.


• Learn about the historical and spiritual significance:

According to legend, it was from this location that Emperor Menelik II and his wife, Empress Taitu, first observed Addis Abeba and decided to make it the nation's capital. Many residents consider the mountain sacred, providing a stunning perspective of the capital city tucked away on its slopes.

• Admire and soak in the natural splendor:

The mountain is an intriguing destination for more reasons than the surrounding landscape. In addition to the Entoto Maryam church and museum, the hill is also home to the Entoto Observatory of the Ethiopian Space Science Society and a tiny palace where the emperor lived while constructing the capital.

• Visit the museum for valuable treasures:

Menelik's rifle from the battle of Adwa, his crown, and even a mirror that Queen Victoria gave to the Empress are among the religious artifacts and ceremonial apparel displayed in the museum.

• Unwind in the lap of nature with local flavors;

Take a break after your tour and revitalize yourself with a cup of freshly roasted Ethiopian coffee at one of the roadside kiosks nearby.

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Address of Mount Entoto

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

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