Menagesha Suba Forest Park

Menagesha Suba Forest Park is the ideal location to experience a unique and accessible forest setting and the forest's peace, in harmony with nature and other people.


• Learn about the history of the site:

Menagesha, dubbed the oldest park in Africa, has been a state forest since the fifteenth century, and Emperor Zere Yacob is credited with preserving this fascinating ecosystem during his reign. Its goal is to maintain a healthy and sustainable forest ecosystem that can benefit the general public economically, ecologically, and socially. They also want to support efforts to adapt to and mitigate climate change by giving visitors an outstanding experience and an easy way to enter the area.

• Admire the scintillating vistas offered by various vantage points:

In this forest setting, hiking, bird watching, camping, and picnicking are popular activities.

More than 10,000 tourists come here each year for the scenic and aesthetic value of recreation provided by the forest, the rolling landscape, the highest mountain peak, the old sawmill and railway, the modern tree nursery, the old-growth forests, and the birds and remaining mammals finding refuge in this forest.

• Breath in the fresh air and explore the wildness:

For an experience based on the presence of wildlife, associated flora, and picturesque landscape, visitors travel to Suba- Menagesha.

For an experience based on the presence of wildlife, associated flora, and picturesque landscape, visitors travel to Suba- Menagesha.

Visitors engage in various activities, including walking through the forest, hiking, watching birds, and viewing wildlife.

• Get up, close and personal with the botanical wealth:

Among the numerous woody species in the forest that provide greater satisfaction in natural exploration are Acacia melanoxylon, Juniperus procera, Myrsine Africana, Olea europea, and Scolopia thiefolia. Other than natural enrichment, there are different plantations, such as Softwood plantations, Eucalyptus plantations, and Indigenous plantations.

You will see the beginning of harvesting and the utilization of mature stands of the plantation forest, which fosters a sense of connection to nature.

• Learn about educational endeavors and research projects:

A crucial role is played by scientific support and research. Anthropogenic categories such as production, conservation, and preservation play well in transformation.

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Address of Menagesha Suba Forest Park

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

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